Professional soft lighting solutions

with the ARRI SkyPanel familiy

Illuminate your creative film and studio set with the pinnacle of professional soft LED panel lights—the ARRI SkyPanel family. Trusted by both creatives and technicians, the Classic SkyPanel has solidified its reputation as the preferred solution for a multitude of applications in the dynamic domains of film and broadcast. A symbol of premium quality, the Classic SkyPanel stands tall with its outstanding lumen efficiency, impeccable color rendition, and impressive light output.


Introducing the newest member of the SkyPanel family—the SkyPanel X. Elevating soft light applications to unprecedented heights, the SkyPanel X redefines possibilities. With an IP66 rating, it thrives in all-weather conditions, ensuring limitless creativity. Experience enhanced dimming quality and control options that push the boundaries of what soft LED panel lights can achieve.

Cinematic soft light with Classic SkyPanel

Experience ARRI SkyPanel with the highest standards of color rendition. Our soft light technology is crafted to showcase natural skin tones with unparalleled precision, bringing out the authentic beauty in every frame. The precise temperature settings further enhance the mood, allowing you to tailor the ambiance to your liking.

Take control of your lighting environment with a fully tuneable system that offers precise color control. Step into a space where the seamless balance of top-notch soft light and shadow depiction crafts a visual marvel. Our steadfast commitment to excellence ensures the precise illumination of every detail, offering a viewing experience that surpasses expectations.

Classic SkyPanel soft light

SkyPanel X for premium soft light

Effortlessly achieve soft and even illumination with our modular SkyPanel X, designed to elevate your creative projects. Enjoy the benefits of flicker-free performance, high resolution, and superior low-end dimming for a seamless lighting experience.

Maximize brightness with enhanced output, revel in beautiful shadow quality, and embrace a wide beam spread that brings your vision to life. Our soft lighting solutions are crafted to meet the highest standards, ensuring your projects shine with unparalleled brilliance.

Immerse yourself in a world of color precision across a vast 1,500 K - 20,000 K CCT range. Whether you seek warmth or coolness, our lights deliver unmatched accuraccy.

SkyPanel X Soft light experience

Professional soft light equipment

Complete your soft lighting set with the right accessories and easily create and control beautiful native soft light. Discover the perfect soft LED lighting gear for your next project with the SkyPanel accessories. Elevate your experience with the X21 Dome or S60 Adapter for the SkyPanel X, unlocking endless possibilities for your production set.