Lighting Operating System

Powerful software

Orbiter takes advantage of over five years of software development for the SkyPanel. Orbiter’s new software LiOS (Lighting Operating System) includes all the innovative and groundbreaking features from SkyPanel and other ARRI LED fixtures, making Orbiter one of the most fully‑featured luminaires on the market.

8 color modes

LiOS provides eight color modes, including CCT, HSI, individual color, x/y coordinates, gel, source matching, lighting effects, and the new color sensor mode which measures ambient light and recreates it through Orbiter’s output.

Three operational modes

Orbiter offers three operational modes to optimize the fixture's performance for different applications. High Color Rendering mode provides the best color quality possible, High Output mode generates the best brightness with slightly lower color rendition, while Low Noise mode creates a balance for quiet operation with decent output.

Optics recognition
Optics recognition

Changeable optics is the core innovation in Orbiter. The Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) in Orbiter allows for optics with vastly different properties to be connected to the fixture. Contact pins in the QLM interface read out information from mounted optics, while optics status shows on the user interface in real time.


You can set one Orbiter as a Host to control other multiple Client Orbiters. Clients will simply mimic all controlled actions made on the Host Orbiter (same as the Master/Slave mode for SkyPanel and L-Series). DMX and RDM are their communicating language (however, a direct combination of Master/Slave & Host/Client systems is not possible).


More features


Help is just a quick click away. Call out or dismiss additional information at one click of the Help button. LiOS will give you a detailed explanation of the current menu button or parameter choice.


More features

Detailed error information

LiOS takes guesswork out of troubleshooting. If a yellow dot (warning) or a red dot (error) sign is showing, additional detailed information is available at the click of the Help button. The text also provides you with instructions to solve the issue.


More features


Over 240 favorite colors or lighting effects can be stored within Orbiter. These favorites can be selected via an easy to use interface or via DMX.

User programmable quick buttons

Every user will find his/her own way to create fantastic lighting with Orbiter. The User button is designed for your personal using habits or specific workflow. Hold the user button pressed to program and store your own quick navigation menu.

Invest into the future

Software and firmware are playing more and more critical roles in modern lighting design. Like most digital devices, ARRI LED products provide the possibilty of easy and fast firmware updates. Without losing one single screw, your lighting fixture gets amazing new features and improved performances just by one simple step. Since the introduction of our LED line of products, ARRI has been continuously offering firmware updates and supporting software, for free. Your ARRI LED product can be years of age and totally up to date at the same time.