Moving Pictures

Filmmakers and the Art of Cinematography

“Moving Pictures: Filmmakers and the Art of Cinematography” takes its audience on a rare journey of personal and inspiring stories that explore the art of the moving image from celebrated cinematographers like Roger Deakins, Vittorio Storaro, Rachel Morrison, Christopher Doyle, Rodrigo Prieto, Matthew Libatique, Mahmoud Kalari, and more. A compilation of intimate, insightful conversations with some of the greatest filmmakers of our time, this unique, feature-length documentary explores the artists behind the world’s cinematic treasures. 

There isn’t only one path that leads to success in filmmaking. “Moving Pictures” offers an exclusive look behind the scenes at the lives of these passionate craftspeople. Speaking openly and honestly, they disclose their early influences and career choices, they discuss what drives and motivates them, and they reveal the magic behind legendary partnerships with directors such as Jim Jarmusch, Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese, Bernardo Bertolucci, David Lynch, Abbas Kirostami, Xia Fang, Stanley Kubrick, and many others. Including commentaries from award-winning directors such as Ang Lee, Francis Ford Coppola, Wim Wenders, Reed Morano, and Ellen Kuras, “Moving Pictures” goes beyond technology and technique to look into the hearts and minds of some of the most original voices in visual storytelling. 

We trust that “Moving Pictures” will insight creativity and the spirit of collaboration for viewers all over the world. Inspired by the impressive amount of authentic footage we collected for our centenary video series, a small group at ARRI decided to create a homage to the love of filmmaking. This film is not a commercial project, instead, it is our way of giving back. It is our gift to the great film industry, and it is dedicated to the men and women who continue to inspire us. ARRI’s intention is to make “Moving Pictures” available as an educational piece for film festivals, film schools, and the various industry associations for directors, editors, gaffers, and, of course, cinematographers.


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