ARRI Media and TRIXTER agree to collaborate on VFX and animation


  • ARRI Media and TRIXTER are combining their activities for the global VFX and animation market
  • Customers benefit from the full-service offering ("From Script to Screen"), perfectly aligned interfaces, and the greatest possible scalability
  • Complete portfolio for major international movies and series, national film and TV productions, as well as advertising and industrial films

Munich - ARRI Media and TRIXTER have agreed on a strategic and operational collaboration in the fields of VFX and animation. In the future and across locations, both postproduction companies will be offering all their visual effects and animation services together. In addition to the coordinated interfaces and optimal scalability, customers will now benefit from a much larger range of services.

ARRI Media-recently a postproduction provider for productions such as Germany's first Netflix series Dark by Wiedemann & Berg, Babylon Berlin by X Filme, and Fack Ju Goehte 3 by Constantin Film-has to date focused its VFX capacities on feature films and series projects by customers in German-speaking countries. TRIXTER-known among other things for its work on Marvel blockbusters like Thor Ragnarok and Spiderman Homecoming as well as series like Fear The Walking Dead-has predominantly worked with the international movie and series market.

ARRI Media not only brings its own VFX department into the collaboration, but also its entire range of services "From Script to Screen"-from film conception all the way through to final delivery. This expertise is offered from ARRI Media's head office in Munich as well as its other venues in Berlin, Frankfurt, Halle, and Cologne. In turn, TRIXTER will contribute its experience in VFX and animation along with its branches in Munich, Berlin, and Los Angeles. With the collaboration and almost 400 staff members in total, the two partners will now work the global VFX and animation market with a bigger footprint and even more wide-reaching competence. Together, ARRI Media and TRIXTER offer the entire spectrum of services for high-budget international features and series, national film and TV productions, advertising and industrial films, as well as virtual and augmented-reality projects.

"Our VFX departments complement each other perfectly. We both place great importance on helping each other, so that we can make the most of our respective strengths for our customers," says Josef Reidinger, Managing Director of ARRI Media. Christian Sommer, CEO of TRIXTER, adds: "We want to exploit potential synergies and further consolidate and cultivate our position in the international and German markets."

In addition to VFX and animation, ARRI Media and TRIXTER are exploring further collaboration opportunities and would like to cooperate more intensely in the fields of production and co-production.

About ARRI:

Arnold & Richter Cine Technik (ARRI) is a global company within the motion picture media industry, employing around 1,500 staff worldwide. The company was founded in 1917 in Munich, Germany, where the headquarters is still located today. Other subsidiaries exist in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australia.

The ARRI Group consists of five business units: Camera Systems, Lighting, Media, Rental, and Medical. ARRI is a leading designer and manufacturer of camera and lighting systems for the film and broadcast industry, with a worldwide distribution and service network. It is also an integrated media service provider in the fields of film post- and coproduction, international sales, as well as equipment rental, supplying camera, lighting, and grip packages to professional productions. ARRI Medical focuses on the use of core imaging technologies for surgical applications.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has recognized ARRI's engineers and their contributions to the industry with 19 Scientific and Technical Awards.

For locations and more information please visit www.arri.com.

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