ARRIRAW Converter (ARC)

The reference tool for ARRIRAW processing.

The ARRIRAW Converter (ARC) is ARRI's free reference tool for processing MXF/ARRIRAW or ARRIRAW files to render images of optimal quality. It contains ARRI's Software Development Kit (SDK) which is also used in the postproduction tools from Adobe, Autodesk, Blackmagic, Colorfront, FilmLight, Filmmaster, Nablet AVID AMA PlugIn, The Foundry, and many others.

Use the ARRIRAW Converter

  • to create projects with bins and sequences
  • to display ARRIRAW and MXF/ARRIRAW files using individual processing settings
  • to apply different looks on the footage
  • to display metadata
  • to render files to one of the common formats for postproduction, such as OpenEXR, DPX or QuickTime/ProRes or to unwrap MXF/ARRIRAW files into ARRIRAW files
  • to display the CODEX HDE (High Density Encoding) file format *.arx

This software does not support ALEXA 35, please refer to our combined ARRI Reference Tool (ART) for viewing, rendering, look file creation, or metadata extraction with ALEXA 35.

Features of ARC 4.4

  • Support of new ALEXA Mini LF MXF/ARRIRAW recording format for SUP 7.0:
    • 3.4K S35 3:2 - 3.4K 
  • Extraction and display of new lens metadata for lens converter hardware
    e.g. Signature Zoom Extender 1.7x
    • Model Name
    • Serial Number
    • Physical Length
    • Light Loss Factor
    • Focal Length Multiplier

Please read our ARC Release notes for important information or changes. If you are not familiar with the ARRIRAW Converter, check our video tutorials for an introduction.

For questions or help, please contact our workflow department via digitalworkflow@arri.de 

ARRIRAW Converter Videos