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ARRI Look Creator (ALC)

The editor for ALF-1

Legacy software for ARRI Look File 1 (ALF-1)

Since ALEXA Software Update Packet (SUP) 4.0, ALEXA and later ALEXA XT cameras can apply user-defined looks („ARRI Look File 1“) to customize the rendering of video images for different applications and individual preferences.

ARRI Look Creator is our supporting tool for ALF-1 legacy format. The software is available for macOS only; it has been discontinued in 2013.

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ARRI Look Creator (Mac OSX 10.6-10.8) or later
ARRI Look Creator Quick Guide.pdf

Please note:
ARRI Look Creator and ARRI Look File 1 has been replaced by the ARRI Color Tool and the ARRI Look File 2 in our camera line-up since AMIRA, ALEXA Mini and ALEXA SXT.

The ARRI Look File 1 applied in the ALEXA camera enables DPs to view images on set that convey their full creative intentions. A look file can be previewed on monitors or recorded into the image; either way all the metadata that define the look travel embedded in the media into postproduction.

Look files are different from look-up tables (LUTs or 3D LUTs), which change one color space to another, for example from Log C to Video. In essence, the ARRI Look File 1 is a purely creative tool, used within the ALEXA Classic and ALEXA XT camera itself. It might be created by the colorist or by the DP, but in either case they encourage greater and earlier interaction between production and post, and allow monitors on the set to give a good idea of what the final look for each scene might be.

The ARRI Look Creator is a MAC OS X application that enables you to create look files for ALEXA/ALEXA XT through an easy-to-use interface. It is based on film lab thinking, with printer light settings; you can download a quick guide along with the tool to get you started.

In the Color Tool, look file creation is based on a Log C DPX picture grab taken from an ALEXA Classic or ALEXA XT camera; creating looks based on ARRIRAW clips is possible in the ARRIRAW Converter.