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Look Library FAQ

Common questions regarding ARRI's Look Library

The ARRI Look Library puts on-set look management within the reach of all productions, not just those with the time and budget to develop bespoke looks prior to shooting. Offering 87 looks in three intensities, the ARRI Look Library caters to a huge variety of different shooting scenarios. The looks are numbered within nine themed groups: application, black-and-white, contrast, environment, film, period, season, special, and tinted. Similar to using different film stocks, each look provides a unique but repeatable aesthetic when combined with the cinematographer’s choice of lenses.

There are two versions of ARRI Look Library: a version for ALEXA 35 ("ARRI Look Library LogC4" - made for LogC4) and "ARRI Look Library" serving ALEXA Mini LF, ALEXA Mini, AMIRA, ALEXA LF and ALEXA SXT (cameras shooting LogC3).

  • The ARRI Look Library is a collection of 87 looks in three intensities (three intensities available for Look Library for LogC3 only) for use in ARRI cameras with advanced look management (ALF2 and ALF4 support).

  • Please visit our Look Library website at or download the iOS App for an overview of all the looks included in the Look Library.

  • The ARRI Look Library is pre-installed on ALEXA 35, ALEXA Mini, and AMIRA cameras.

  • The ARRI Look Library is part of the camera software of ALEXA and AMIRA cameras: it is available in ALEXA 35, ALEXA Mini, and AMIRA. Look Library Looks (ALF-2 format) are compatible with ALEXA SXT, ALEXA LF, ALEXA Mini LF and ALEXA 65.

    Have a look at our website covering Look Files to download the Look Library free of charge.
    The Look Library is also available as "log-to-log version" for LogC3 and LogC4.

  • The looks appear as an additional source beside the USB stick in the look import dialog ("LOOK LIB"). In order to use the look, it must be imported into the list of active looks. In order to be able to modify the CDL parameters of that look, the look must be duplicated and renamed.


    Transfer the looks via SD-card: place the desired looks in the look files subfolder: ARRI/Alexa/LookFiles. Install each look via the camera menu: COLOR > LOOK FILE > ADD.

    ALEXA Mini LF

    Transfer the looks via USB drive: place the desired looks in the look files subfolder: ARRI/A-MINI-LF/LOOKFILES. Install each look via the camera menu: MENU > LOOK > LOOK > ADD.

  • The looks can be adjusted using CDL parameters after duplicating them in the camera. This way it is possible to use ARRI Look Library looks as a basis to create new adjusted versions which are based on the same 3D-LUT.

    Alternatively, you can use the log-to-log version of the look file to change the appearance of the look and export a new log-to-log LUT for a custom ARRI Look File (possible with ALEXA 35/ALF4 only).

  • Like with other ALF2 or ALF4 looks, the looks will be embedded in the meta-data of the recorded media and can be accessed by ARRI Reference Tool (ART) and ARRI Meta Extract (AME) or most DI grading software directly. The softwares can access and extract the look file and export to a 3D LUT.

  • For ALEXA Mini and AMIRA: When a look is added to the active look list it isn’t possible to directly change it. The look needs to be duplicated first. Once duplicated the look can be altered using CDL values in the HOME > LOOK > LOOK PARAM menu or by using an external application like Pomfort Live Grade Air.

    ALEXA SXT or ALEXA 65 do not offer look manipulation via the camera menu.

  • ASC CDL (Color Decision List) is a standardized format to exchange and specify basic color grading information. It contains slope, offset, and power controls for the red, green, and blue channels as well as a saturation parameter for the entire image.

  • Looks from the ARRI Look Library generate a specific grade and color response. It is important to understand, that the white balance settings will also affect the grade as white balance will be applied to the image before the look is applied. To generate reproducible results, an auto white balance on a grey card should be performed before shooting.