ARRI offers financial aid and personal support to the people of Ukraine


  • ARRI donates 50,000 euros to the “Ukraine Solidarity” effort organized by the City of Munich
  • An internal Ukraine Task Force has been established to identify and organize company-wide endeavors
  • Employees are engaged and dedicated to continuing efforts

April 6, 2022; Munich – With its worldwide headquarters in Munich and various offices across Europe, the war in Ukraine hits the globally active film technology company ARRI very close to home. “We at ARRI condemn any warlike activity and are committed to helping the people of Ukraine financially and practically,” emphasizes Dr. Matthias Erb, Chairman of the Executive Board at ARRI.

Starting with monetary support, ARRI donated 50,000 euros to the “Ukraine Solidarity” account organized by the City of Munich (Aktion der Stadt München “Solidarität Ukraine”). All donations to this account are used exclusively for humanitarian purposes. Since 1986, the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv has been one of Munich’s sister cities. ARRI’s donation is, in part, being used to pay for ambulances that will bring care to war victims in Kyiv. The vehicles are currently being equipped with medicines and medical equipment.

On behalf of the City of Munich, Verena Dietl, the city’s Third Mayor, paid a visit to ARRI’s Headquarters in Munich. At this meeting, Executive Board Members Dr. Matthias Erb and Dr. Michael Neuhaeuser were able to hand over a symbolic check representing the 50,000 euros ARRI donated to the city’s “Ukraine Solidarity” fund. Verena Dietl notes: “The generous donation from ARRI, one of Munich’s historic and time-honored companies, has already been put to good use. The City of Munich, on behalf of the people of Ukraine, thank you.”

Besides financial support, ARRI is also helping to mediate the crisis in Ukraine through voluntary action. To better organize internal efforts, the ARRI Executive Board established a Ukraine task force. This interdisciplinary and intercultural group of Germany-based colleagues—including citizens of Ukraine and the Russian Federation—meets regularly to evaluate and define ongoing measures that ARRI is taking to help the humanitarian crisis affecting Europe. Executive Board member Dr. Michael Neuhaeuser recognizes: “Our colleagues want to help with this humanitarian crisis. Therefore, we quickly established the ARRI Ukraine Task Force in order to identify what is truly needed and to facilitate and organize our company’s efforts in providing this help. Together we can make a difference, and as team ARRI make a statement that we will not stand idly by in the face of violence and suffering.”

The ARRI Ukraine Task Force has already reached out to Munich-based aid organizations, and the group continues to define ways in which ARRI can provide relief. One such measure is the ARRI Charity Day, where the company exempts employees from several working hours to lend support to local organizations, charities, or even schools involved with Ukraine refugees. Additionally, many ARRI colleagues are personally invested in offering practical and timely aid to refugees who have come to Germany, from helping out as translators at German train stations to supporting local organizations with personnel and equipment to housing refugees in their homes. “We expect the crisis in Ukraine to be more of a marathon than a sprint,” comments Kostyantyn Bobrovskyy, core team member of ARRI’s Ukraine Task Force. “ARRI is here for the long haul, and we plan to sustain our efforts for as long as necessary.”

Photo: 2022-arri-dr-matthias-erb-verena-dietl-dr-michael-neuhaeuser-ukraine.jpg
Verena Dietl, Munich’s Third Mayor, receives a symbolic check representing the 50,000 euros ARRI donated from Executive Board members Dr. Matthias Erb (l.) and Dr. Michael Neuhaeuser

About ARRI:

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