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ARRI’s Virtual Round Table

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Introducing our new virtual round table discussion platform: ARRI's Virtual Round Table! At these sessions, you could have the opportunity to join small discussion group of 10 participants, led by one of ARRI’s product management team members. In each chat, all your questions, regarding the product managers specific product range, will be answered and your feedback is welcome. 

In order to help organize the various sessions in advance, we would ask you to please submit two questions about the product focus of your favorite session. We hope to be able to accommodate everyone who wants to participate; however, the sessions will be the most beneficial if kept small. If demand is greater than the number of available slots, an initial selection, based on your interest, will have to be made. Don’t worry, new Virtual Round Table sessions will be added throughout the spring and summer. 

Please submit your question as soon as possible to secure your spot by using the specific links below. Please note that due to organizational reasons we are unable to consider registrations submitted later than seven days prior to each session.

Please note that our website shows all dates in Central European Summer Time (CEST).

9 a.m. Munich equals:
Los Angeles 12 a.m. | New York 3 a.m. | São Paolo 4 a.m. | London 8 a.m. | Beijing/Hong Kong 3 p.m. | Sydney 5 p.m.

2 p.m. Munich equals:
Los Angeles 5 a.m. | New York 8 a.m. | São Paolo 9 a.m. | London 1 p.m. | Beijing/Hong Kong 8 p.m. | Sydney 10 p.m.

6 p.m. Munich equals:
Los Angeles 9 a.m. | New York 12 p.m. | São Paolo 1 p.m. | London 5 p.m. | Beijing/Hong Kong 12 a.m. (+1) | Sydney 2 a.m. (+1)

About your host in this session:

Shah Nasir has been working in the Singapore film and television industry for the past 12 years. Having previously taken on diverse roles from Junior Grip to Assistant Producer, his experience around various aspects of production has made him a key problem solver on set. He currently holds dual roles in Abundant Productions as Head of Production and Director of Photography.

This session will take place on Tuesday, 12 April at 4 p.m. SGT | GMT+8 in English. Register now by submitting two questions you'd like to ask our hosts.

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If you have further questions regarding our new virtual event format, please don't hesitate to reach out to us: