TRINITY is the first hybrid camera stabilizer that combines classic mechanical stabilization with advanced active electronic stabilization, provided via 32-bit ARM-based gimbal technology. This combination results in five axes of control and enables uniquely fluid, wide-ranging, and precisely controlled movements for unrestricted shooting and total creative freedom. 
New angles for the operator and new storytelling options for the director and cinematographer are possible with TRINITY. By inverting the post, the camera can be moved from low mode to high mode during a shot; using the joystick-controlled, fully stabilized tilt axis to look up or down during this motion is also possible, so a low angle can smoothly transition into an over-the-shoulder shot. By holding the post at 45 degrees and twisting it left or right, the camera can even look around corners, whether in low or high mode. Additional stabilization in the roll axis permits the use of telephoto lenses. Extraordinary new shots, angles, and movements are achievable when TRINITY is used in its fully stabilized mode. For situations that call for a more traditional operating style, TRINITY can be switched into a locked mode in which the tilt axis is connected directly to the post in the traditional manner.


  • Highly modular design
  • Stabilized Tilt and Roll axis
  • Up to 30 Kg / 66 lb Payload
  • High torque brushless motors
  • Takes cameras like: ALEXA LF, ALEXA Mini, AMIRA, ARRI LT, 235, 416, any TV Box Camera, or cameras with similar dimensions as the the listed cameras.
  • Hight adjustable roll cage
  • 12V High Capacity camera power
  • 24V soon available as an upgrade
  • Hot Swap technology in the batter hanger
  • 2 x HD SDI video lines
  • Focus power, Aux power, monitor power
  • Tally trigger line
  • 1,5“ onboard display
  • 5 user presets
  • „On the fly“ adjustments and system controls
  • Joystick controller for the Tilt axis
  • Optional wireless remote for Tilt and Roll
  • Telescopic 1.8“ carbon fiber post, from 43cm to 72cm / 16.9in to 28.3in
  • Fine trim adjustment
  • Additional post extension
  • Can be used as a two axes stand-alone gimbal
  • Fast and easy setup
  • SAM plates compatible


With the TRINITY, it's fascinating to always be able to  offer new shots to the director. I'm amazed at how easy it is to place my camera in spots that would not be reachable with other types of equipment, due to the lack of space or setup time.

TRINITY Operator Emilio Giliberti

The TRINITY has given me a new way of operating, any shot is possible in no time.

TRINITY Operator Torben Meldgaard

The TRINITY’s ability to “crane” up and down and it’s ability to push in or pull out over objects has opened up a multitude of artistic options for me.  It’s my new paint brush and I’m excited to continue the exploration.

TRINITY Operator Aaron Medick SOC

I'm in love with the TRINITY. Since doing La La Land, I have felt less enthusiastic about working Steadicam®, but now with TRINITY, it's like I get to start all over again. TRINITY has renewed my faith in the tools we harness.

Steadicam/TRINITY Operator Ari Robins

The ALEXA Mini in the TRINTY setup make a perfect team. The shooting was beautiful.

Cinematographer Janis Willbold

TRINITY is the game changer, it gives us operators the freedom to move more and worry less. I always like to think that TRINITY has finally allowed us to fly, glide, and dance like never before, it is indeed  an amazing contribution to the film making industry and im glad to be part of this growing community.

TRINITY Operator John Ross Misa

TRINITY gives directors and cinematographers new ways to tell stories. In my many years as a steadicam operator I have had to work with limits to my movements - TRINITY has freed me from those limits. It gives me a smooth, seamless and natural feeling, and every shoot is unique - even after a year I discover new combinations of movement every time I use it.

Camera/Steadicam/TRINITY Operator Junior Lucano

TRINITY is an amazing tool that opened up new opportunities for directors, DPs and operators to block and design their shots. Thank you Curt Schaller and ARRI for this genius invention.

Cinematographer/TRINITY Operator Fares Corbani 

With the TRINITY, there are no restrictions in storytelling, it inspires directors to find a new visual language. I am particularly impressed with its agility, its wide range and its fluidity, which enabled me to design new shots. Giving us more artistic creativity, the TRINITY helped us to achieve unique and impressive images, through unrestricted shooting angles and movements under great stability. ​​​

Director Zou Fei

Trinity is an amazingly liberating tool. You can slide in at whatever angle works and get the camera into some pretty incredible places in a fluid way.

Cinematographer/Camera Operator Niels Lindelien

As a Steadicam operator and technician I am trying to stay on top of the newest technology. That is what the Trinity is, and I knew that with the ARRI name behind it, the future of the system was assured. For me the purchase of the Trinity was also a ‘marketing move’ - I want to be known as ‘the guy who has the cool, cutting edge stuff’.

Cinematographer/TRINITY Operator Axel Ebermann

The TRINITY allows me to move the camera in such an unrestricted and beautifully elegant way, like no other body-mounted stabilization system could do.

Camera/TRINITY Operator Jörg Schenten BVK

TRINITY behind the scenes: Dial "T" for TRINITY

Take a look behind the scenes of “Dial “K” for Kill” by Santosh Sivan ASC, ISC and see how the beautiful images of the ALEXA LF and Signature Primes came together with the help of the ARRI TRINITY and TRINITY Operator Rajeev Jasrotia. Learn more about ARRI TRINITY on https://www.arri.com/en/camera-systems/camera-stabilizer-systems/trinity

ARRI TRINITY and large-format camera system: Dial “T” for TRINITY - Thumbnail


TRINITY User Manual
GUI User Manual for MAXIMA and TRINITY
FoMa Control Setup
TRINITY Default Profiles
USB Driver FoMa
Camera Stabilizer Systems Flyer