Roger Deakins on his journey to ARRI’s large format

The celebrated cinematographer Roger Deakins CBE, ASC, BSC joins ARRI to give his feedback on ALEXA Mini LF, Signature Prime lenses, and the TRINITY stabilizer, all of which he used on director Sam Mendes’ new film, “1917.”

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The new ultra-bright LED point source with a variety of optics.

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ARRI ALEXA Mini LF camera ships and inspires cinematographers worldwide

The first customer shipments of ARRI’s new ALEXA Mini LF begins. Pre-production cameras have already been used on high-end productions by cinematographers like Roger Deakins and Greig Fraser.


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ARRI’s expertise in HD and 4K/HDR camera systems, lighting, postproduction, and rental guarantees a deep understanding of the broadcast and media production environment from beginning to end...

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ARRI’s Multicam System rises- Picture

ARRI’s Multicam System rises to high fashion

At the Paris Fashionweek 2019, the Redemption fashion show at the Paris City Hall was captured by five ARRI cameras – AMIRAs and ALEXA Minis. The production by VIEW ON with Marine Lebacle as director and Elisabeth Coché as production manager was served by Visual Impact France. 

The ability to throw- Picture

Orbiter: the perfect directional light fixture for location use

The ability to throw light long distances with open face or projection optics while at the same time being able to serve as a soft light makes Orbiter the perfect directional light fixture for location use. 


Callaway Live Ups Its Game with ARRI SkyPanels

When Callaway Golf wanted to upgrade its video productions, video producer Tony Regalmuto and marketing manager Ethan Ganot had a wish list: the system had to be versatile to handle different production demands, easy enough for non-professionals to use and provide the highest quality result.

DP Matias Boucard is- Picture

DP Matias Boucard about the decision to use ALEXA 65

DP Matias Boucard is currently working on the upcoming picture “Eiffel,“ produced by Pathé Films and serviced by ARRI Rental. He comments about the decision to use ALEXA 65: “My obsession was to find the best combination that would give me the maximum vertical angle, work well with characters, and provide a beautiful color palette and enough resolution for the visual FX team. The ALEXA 65 was definitely the best choice for this movie about the Eiffel Tower!“ 

The American Society of- Picture

ASC has completed construction of its new ASC ARRI Education Center

The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) has completed construction of its new ASC ARRI Education Center. The official opening coincided with the organization’s celebration of its 100th anniversary. The modern building now serves as a hub for ongoing efforts to educate the next generation of filmmakers. 

There is no better - image

Step behind the scenes of “1917”

 “There is no better way to tell this story than with one continuous shot.” Step behind the scenes of “1917” with Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes and legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins CBE, ASC, BSC, who shot the World War 1 epic on ALEXA Mini LF together with ARRI Signature Prime lenses, and ARRI TRINITY camera stabilizer system.

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