ARRI Lighting at TELEFE TV broadcast


Project name: TELEFE

Project closure date: January 2018

Principal: Gustavo Capua, SVP Finance, Technology and Operations Viacom / TELEFE

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Public broadcasting channel TELEFE, a Viacom company

Studio size: 600 sq ft studio

Project scope: Viacom TELEFE launched state-of-the-art ALL ARRI LED studio

Solutions Group services: Consultancy, concept design, project planning, integration management, training, after-sales care

ARRI Lighting products: The lighting upgrade included 50 L7, 40 L10, and 24 SkyPanels.

Partner: BVS Technology Solution (

Project Details:

  • With the acquisition of the public broadcasting channel TELEFE, international media company VIACOM made a strong bet on the Argentinian market. The move gave them control of one of the country’s main television channels. Even though TELEFE already boasted strong infrastructure, the aim was to take the company to the next level by transforming it into a multimedia hub with 11 studios and a scenographic workshop at their current facilities located in Martínez, province of Buenos Aires.
  • The requirements were quality and reliability with the versatility afforded by new technologies, along with financial and environmental sustainability.
  • “LED lighting for studios in Argentina has been growing dramatically in the last two years. The cost of electricity in the country has increased in such a way that conversion from traditional fixtures to LED luminaires is much more attractive due to the technology’s inherently low energy consumption,” comments Esteban Umana, ARRI’s Latin American technical sales representative. “In addition, the versatility of our lights cuts costs and work time. All of these factors have helped popularize the use of LEDs in Argentina.”


“Viacom TELEFE is in a process of structural growth. The new broadcasting and news building contains a 600 square foot studio,” explains Gustavo Capua, SVP Finance, Technology and Operations Viacom / TELEFE who was in charge of one of the major projects - the studio’s relocation from the Federal Capital. It was at this juncture that environmental sustainability concepts began to come up while building out the studio’s features -- themes like efficient lighting became ever more relevant. “Everything was designed to conserve energy not only by utilizing LED lighting, but also by minimizing heat dissipation. This resulted in the lowest possible electrical consumption by air conditioning equipment," says Capua.