31 TV Almaty

Project name: 31 TV Channel Studio (31 канал)

Project closure date: July, 2018

Principal: 31 TV Channel

Location: Kazakhstan, Almaty (31 TV Channel)

Studio size: 400 sq.meters

Project scope: 

The main target for the TV channel was to produce more news on the air in the updated format, and its employees can work in more comfortable way to create the near-perfect visualization of a television image. Three locations in a single pavilion give a possibility of using the studio for filming and broadcasting programs of different genres which is provided by wide capabilities of a new generation lighting system: it allows changing colors, color temperature and intensity of light sources of ARRI Lighting Company.

ARRI Lighting products: 

Totally 58 units of LED lighting devices such as ARRI Sky Panel S120-C, ARRI Sky Panel S60-C, ARRI L7-Tl. The device operation is controlled by Grand MA remote control produced by MA lighting Company and the operation of all ARRI Sky Panel lighting devices, including the setting and diagnostics of full parameter are conducted via Ethernet, where each device has its own IP-address.

Project Details:

News program "Informbureau" on "Channel 31" has started broadcasting on July 9, 2018.  Stylish decorations, high-technology lighting equipment, modern apparatus-studio complex are an important step towards achieving a high level of information broadcasting. During its 100-year history, ARRI has always been and remains one of the world's leading experts in the field of professional lighting for the film and television industry.

“Informbureau” program has repeatedly undergone image modifications and improved for its audience. As explained by Bagdat Kodzhakhmetov, the Director General of "Channel 31": "The best traditions still present today, but the time we live in dictates its own trends. - For this reason, we decided to develop a new studio to become an even more memorable news program that will keep pace with the rhythm of the times. The new studio has been modernized with innovative lighting solutions produced by German company ARRI and modern decorations made by the best international designers”.

The equipment installed and the solutions selected have the technological flexibility inherent at the designing stage, and, if necessary, can be expanded and supplemented, depending on future needs of the TV channel.

A great contribution to modernization of the studio with the latest decorations, development of an idea for technical solution of the new studio expanding the potential of the apparatus-studio block, was made by a production operator Pavel Bykovchenko. "We plan to use three camera view point positions that allow us to place at once several people in the studio, replace lighting and background, create an actually new picture, - says Pavel. - The new studio potential is much broader than the news program needs. The area difference between the old and the new studios is undoubtedly big. The nature of television is such that sometimes even 2-3 additional square meters of studio space help to create a practically new environment and a new interior in the frame. The classical definition of “great illusion” said about cinema is true in relation to television. The new studio makes it possible to place at once several people in a TV shot at the same time, and combine a sitting TV presenter and a standing TV presenter in one space. One of the interesting ideas is that the LED screen can move from one point of the studio to another, thereby changing an angle of shooting”.

Owing to the technological renovation of the studio, "Informbureau" team will be able to create even more high-quality content, organize TV bridges, get on the air for journalists contact all over the world, conduct live reports and invite interesting guests.

This project was implemented thanks to the cooperation and mutual understanding of all project participants: management and technical specialists of the channel, ACIS Distribution Company (a distributor of ARRI Lighting),  Polymedia Company, designers, decorators and many others.

Dias Company is a project integrator.

 “We transferred our studio to digital and automated formats. I can proudly say that 31 TV Channel was able to create a software and hardware system based on the living studio principle, operating on the basis of unique equipment supplied by ARRI Lighting. Our updated project, the “Informbureau” studio is fully integrated into the technological process of the television company and can work both manually and automatically. This is the only television studio of this format in all of Kazakhstan, ”said the project manager of the new studio Informbureau and technical director of the 31 TV Channel  Sergey Pronchenko.