ARRI International Broadcast Day 2019

The broadcast and media industry is experiencing a period of extraordinary innovation. In order to professionally encounter and better understand the highly topical trends of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content production for HD and beyond for the broadcast industry, ARRI and the volumetric studio, Volucap, organized the second International Broadcast Day at the Babelsberg Studios in Potsdam, Germany.

This unique gathering which provided a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences on future key technologies with industry leaders, took place from June 26 – 27, 2019 in the FX Center and the state-of-the-art Volucap Studio with camera and lighting solutions as well as system services from ARRI. Experts from around the world joined the ARRI and Volucap teams for one and a half days of keynotes, presentations, and workshops with a special focus on discussing opportunities, applications, and constraints of VR and AR affecting media today.

The event gave insights into different focus topics. The morning session comprised of presentations of top keynote speakers, while the afternoon session was spent in detailed, rotating workshops lead by experts from SMPTE, nablet, TrackMen, Volucap and ARRI. 

Keynote speakers:

·         Lorenzo Zanni, Head of Insight & Analysis of IABM

·         Muki Kulhan, Executive Digital Producer & Creative Tech Analyst, member of the IBC Content Steering Group

·         Richard Mills, Technical Director Sky VR Studios UK

·         Hassan Kiyany, member of the VR/AR Association Middle East

·         Frank Govaere, VFX Supervisor UFA Technology & UFA LAB


·         Lighting for LED and beyond

·         VR/AR workflows in practice

·         MXF Live of IP - safe, fast and transparent from set to post

·         Trends in Camera Technologies

I can’t imagine that there is any industry out there that is not starting to create or use immersive content – it is affecting everyone, all sectors. And, if you don’t know what to do or where to start, just dive into making partnerships, to collaborate and share the knowledge, and learn together.

Muki Kulhan – Executive Digital Producer & Creative Tech Analyst, Member of the IBC Content Steering Group and Assessor at Innovate/Immerse UK

Immersive Media, particularly VR and AR, has made huge advances. We are now able to discover new ways of storytelling and interact with the stars of Drama, Entertainment and Sport. 

Richard Mills - Technical Director Sky VR Studios UK

The broadcast and media industry is going through a radical shift. Media companies are transforming into media factories - with a focus on optimized workflows, data, automation, and cloud services. AI is also becoming more important, also acting as a driver for increased cloud adoption. VR brings many opportunities, even though consumer adoption has been slow. According to our research, some of the challenges to be addressed include storytelling, deployment costs and the business models supporting the technology. 

Lorenzo Zanni – Head of Insight & Analysis of IABM

Volumetric film is the film you can walk into in which the viewer can determine his own point of view. It is really very inspiring. The volumetric studio is a work in progress and VR and XR are a multidisciplinary challenge. Volumetric capture gives us the tools to widen our horizon and opens up new possibilities for producing content.

Frank Govaere – UFA Technology & UFA LAB

I want to use this technology to tell all the stories that haven’t been told yet.
Today we can collaborate and that’s best part - technology is only one part of the game, the other is the collaboration that leads to creative content and storytelling.

Hassan Kiyany – Member of the VR/AR Association Middle East