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SkyLink Receiver


SkyLink is a two-part system that allows for wireless DMX and RDM communication to Orbiter, SkyPanels and L-Series Fresnels. The SkyLink receiver and the SkyLink base station use LumenRadio for DMX/RDM communication. A WiFi chip in the base station allows for direct control from a DMX control application on a tablet or computer. Setting up a control network has never been easier.

  • Two part system: SkyLink receiver & SkyLink base station
  • Wireless for all capable devices, incl. Orbiter, SkyPanel & L-Series ¥ WiFi to wireless DMX
  • Fully RDM capable
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Power via USB port
  • Outstanding range
  • LumenRadio wireless technology
  • Available in kits or individually