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Lens Illumination Guide

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Lens Illumination Guide (LIG)

The LIG is an interactive visual guide that shows how different lenses illuminate different sensor modes and target aspect ratios of ARRI ALEXA, ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras. The LIG is meant as a first step, and as a guide only - we strongly recommend that you shoot your own tests to determine the exact behavior of the lenses you plan to use.

Each lens type is designed to cover a certain image circle, within which the manufacturer upholds image quality criteria, including illumination. Lenses still show an image outside of this image circle, but of an undefined image quality. Farther out from the image circle there is a point at which there is no more light, defining the 'illumination circle'. The size of the illumination circle changes based on lens design, focal length, focus setting and iris setting, which is why we have provided tools for playing around with all those parameters. All lenses are brighter, and have a better image quality in the center than in the corners, though light distribution differs vastly between lenses.

This guide allows you to take a look at how much illumination there is within a given sensor mode and target aspect ratio. The guide only shows illumination and not any other image quality parameter. It was created by shooting a grey chart with each lens as a rough guide; please note that based on image content your results may vary. For each lens type and focal length, the chart was created by using one particular physical lens (not design data), and we display the serial number of that lens. Based on the manufacturing tolerances and service history of the lenses out there, your results may also vary.

We have updated this tool again, this time to support ARRI Signature Prime lenses. The tool now accommodates ARRI Signature Primes, the ARRI Ultra Wide Zoom, all ARRI Master Primes (except the 14mm Master Prime), the ARRI Master Macro, all ARRI Ultra Primes, the ARRI Alura Studio and Lightweight Zooms, and the Cooke Mini S4 18, 25, 32 and 40mm.

It’s also now possible to upload framelines (created by you, or other users, with the ARRI Frameline Composer) into the LIG. This enables direct comparisons between different lenses within the particular framelines.

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