ARRI Certified Film School Accreditation Program


Become an ARRI Certified Film School

The ARRI Certified Film School Accreditation Program is an opportunity for film schools to benefit from ARRI Academy’s education resources for a full year, and to pass those benefits on to their students.
On joining the program, film school teachers participate in a “train the trainer” class, designed to enhance their knowledge of ARRI products and workflows. Afterwards, they receive access to ARRI Academy’s vast array of educational materials, allowing them to either follow predesigned training courses or create their own.
Enrolled film schools become officially certified by ARRI and are licensed to issue ARRI Academy certificates with their own faculty branding to students.

ARRI Certified Film School Accreditation Program

The program offers a variety of exclusive benefits

Video class on demand
Online classes on demand
  • In-depth sessions for preparation
  • Experienced trainer gives insights and tips
  • Covering camera features, recording formats, lens control, and more
Slidesource Kopie
Access to presentations
  • Exclusive access to ARRI Academy's slide library
  • More than 2,000 slides, training videos, and documents
  • Predesigned training courses or material to create your own classes
  • All presentations, including your created ones, are kept up to date
Learning Snack
"Learning snacks" and predesigned exam
  • Short quizzes for students
  • Quiz game mode for classroom challenges
  • Exams available to certify students
Exclusive certification
  • “ARRI Certified Film School” designation, with certificate
  • Official badge can be used for promotion
  • Template to issue certificates to students

Conditions of participation

The ARRI Certified Film School Accreditation Program defines certain conditions and agreements that participating film schools and universities must adhere to. These include:

  • Film school must own defined ARRI products
  • Teachers must join "train the trainer" program (in-person or online)
  • Accreditation will last for a period of one academic year and will be extended automatically
  • Costs are available upon request
  • For more information, please register below without any obligations or contact us at
ARRI Certified Film School_Badge

ARRI Certified Film Schools