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Multicam Components

Multicam Monitor bundle VMM-1 & MYS-1


The 10 inch LCD monitor connects directly to the camera viewfinder interface or can be daisy chained with the CCP-1. It has controls for Contrast, Color, Backlight and Peaking, a physical On/Off switch for the frontside tally and two camera user buttons. The Monitor Yoke Support MYS-1 is designed to support the ARRI Viewfinder Monitor Multicam VMM-1. It offers adjustments in four axis, including one assisted with counter balance. The MYS-1 can be mounted to the top of the AMIRA handle or other ARRI Cameras.

Parts of the set

K2.0023813 1x Viewfinder Monitor Multicam VMM-1
K2.0037636 1x Monitor Yoke Support MYS-1
K2.0037711 1x VMM-1 Power Cable 0.4m (16 inch)
K2.0009336 1x Cable ALEXA Mini to CCP-1 0,75m/29in
K2.0012223 1x AMIRA to CCP-1 Cable 0.75m/29in