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Intelligent lens motor

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Intelligent and compact

The cforce mini RF is an intelligent lens motor with integrated white-coded ARRI radio module, eliminating the need for an additional receiver unit mounted on the camera. The cforce mini RF can pair with up to three hand units for split focus, iris and zoom operation, and provides full lens data when used with the Hi‑5 and WCU‑4 hand unit.


- Supports Sony and RED camera control licenses for Hi‑5

- Can be assigned as AUX axis motor

- Supports network mode for split focus, iris, zoom control

- Compatible with Hi‑5, WCU‑4, SXU-1, and legacy white-coded radio controllers

- Wireless lens file transfer

- Fast performance: speed 240 teeth/sec

- Supports OCU‑1 override function

- Hi‑5 and WCU‑4 lens data system support

- Up to 1.5 km range

- 14 radio channels

- Integrated radio module

- Latest generation ARRI Radi

- RCP iris remote control with cforce RF motors on AMIRA

- Integrated white radio module

- Compatible with all hand units containing ARRI’s white-coded radio module

- Camera control with Hi‑5 and WCU‑4

- Daisy-chainable via LBUS

- Small and lightweight


cforce mini RF + cforce mini/plus motors + AMIRA

cforce mini RF + cforce mini/plus motors + OCU‑1

cforce mini RF + cforce mini/plus motors + Master Grips


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The ARRI cforce mini RF is a brilliant wireless lens motor for compact camera setups. With the motor controller built into the motor, and only a single cable for power and start/stop control, it is fast to set up and incredibly lightweight for handheld, gimbal and Steadicam.

Cinematographer Markus Förderer, ASC, BVK (“Nightflyers,” “Rise,” “Independence Day: Resurgence,” “Stonewall,” “I Origins,” “Finsterworld,” “Hell”)

Both the DP and I were thrilled, because the radio connection of the cforce mini RF with the SXU-1 was excellent even through several walls and backdrops, but also because there was no need for an additional motor controller.

1st AC Georg Lanz (“Die Rückkehr des Königs,” “Passionsspiele,” “Die Erfindung Bayerns”)

You save on weight and cable routing with this new RF motor, while still giving the AC the ability to have LDAs.

1st AC Brian Aichlmayr (“Playing God,” “Dropa,” “Sanitatum,” “Osprey,” commercials for brands such as Walmart, Nike, Intel, Reebok, Facebook, Adidas)

The WCU‑4 has been an absolute game-changer and with the cforce RF motor, using a WCU‑4 on any camera has never been easier. 

1st AC, camera operator, and director Kieran Wheeler (“Rehab,” “Falling,” “Tough,” “Bloom,” “Through the Haze,” commercials for brands such as Ford and many others)

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