High-power batteries for cameras and lights

24 V open-standard battery system

The B-Mount battery interface is an open industry standard endorsed by ARRI and the wider industry because it makes mobile shooting easier and more efficient. Providing 24 V power, but also able to support 12 V, B-Mount offers decisive advantages over previous systems. Cross-compatible with on-set camera and lighting equipment from manufacturers worldwide, it enables productions to streamline their power needs and source batteries locally.

Better battery management
  • Worldwide availability of B-Mount batteries
  • One industry standard for cameras and lights
  • Brand agnostic, with tech spec standards published openly
  • B-Mount products available from most major equipment manufacturers
Electrical benefits
  • High power specifications
  • Future-proofing on-set power needs, specified to a minimum of 15 A at 24 V
  • Robust electrical contacts avoid damage to contact blocks
  • Safe power delivery
  • 12/24 V bi-voltage ready
Mechanical benefits
  • Sturdy connection to cameras and lights
  • Resistant to vibrations of stabilizer rigs
  • One-handed release operation
  • Minimal interface footprint
  • Size specifications for ARRI cameras
  • Advanced SMBUS communication
  • Accurate information on run time and charge time, even with stackable batteries
  • Battery identification in camera metadata
  • Battery max. load info avoids overload shutdown of camera equipment

Major players back B-Mount

Leading battery manufacturers have got behind the B-Mount system, ensuring it becomes an international industry standard

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B-Mount offers decisive advantages over previous systems

B-Mount-a worldwide standard

The global availability of B-Mount batteries will simplify logistics for productions that travel to different countries

Future-proof your on-set power needs

B-Mount has three times the potential to meet increasing on-set power needs than traditional 12 V systems

An unshakeable connection

The solid engineering of the B-Mount interface means batteries will stay safe and secure for any shooting scenario

More power, more mobility

The higher power B-Mount 24 V batteries are able to provide widens the range of equipment that can be utilized on the move

No guesswork for remaining power

B-mount batteries can provide accurate readouts for charge time and remaining run time even with stackable batteries, increasing efficiency on set

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