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DP Jerome de Gerlache’s AMIRA Investment

In 2015 director and cinematographer Jérôme de Gerlache decided to invest in his own ARRI AMIRA. Since then he has used it on a diverse range of projects including his first feature film, "Là où on va" ("Where We`re Going"). He talked to ARRI about his work, the AMIRA, and how ARRI’s support network around the world has been invaluable to him.

Jun. 18, 2018

The decision to buy an AMIRA was driven by a desire to bring superb image quality not just to his commercial work, but also to his personal projects– for which there were small or non-existent budgets.

Jérôme believes it has paid off– in addition to being used on commercials and documentaries, the AMIRA was the B camera (along with an ALEXA Mini) on his new feature. “It is a versatile tool,” he says, “one can shoot alone, or in a traditional film team configuration, with assistants. It can also do documentaries, advertising, music videos, as well as fiction. And, since it has the same sensor as the ALEXA Mini, I knew that I would be able to use it for my feature film.”

ARRI’s world-wide support has proved invaluable to him. “I travel a lot for my work and you are never completely safe from a glitch, a technical concern”, he says. “In Los Angeles, Hong Kong or Beijing, I immediately had the opportunity to call on someone to help me solve my problems. It matters.”

Jerome values the personal relationship he has built up with ARRI since he bought his AMIRA. “They are constantly consulting users, and regularly ask me for feedback”. A recent development– the enabling of AMIRAs to record in ARRIRAW– was a response to such feedback, and Jérôme believes it offers some exciting new possibilities. “It will enable me to make the most of my camera,” he says. “I’ll be able to benefit from all the dynamics of the sensor and the entire colour range.”

Photo: Pascal Boudet