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LPL Mounts

LPL Mounts for ARRI and 3rd Party Cameras

ARRI Signature Lenses are compatible with nearly all digital cinema cameras on the market.

Below we have compiled a list of lens mounts and lens mount adapters you can use to bring the Signature Look to your camera.

LPL Mounts for camera bodies

LPL adapters for third-party lens mounts*

  • E-Mount is commonly found on Sony mirrorless cameras and video cameras such as the PXW-FS7 & PXW-FX9. For Sony Venice, please see section above.

  • G-Mount is commonly found on Fujifilm GFX mirrorless cameras.

  • L-Mount is commonly found on Leica, Panasonic and Sigma mirrorless cameras.

  • RF-Mount is commonly found on Canon mirrorless cameras and video cameras such as the EOS C70.

  • Z-Mount is commonly found on Nikon mirrorless cameras.

  • XCD-Mount is commonly found on Hasselblad X-Series mirrorless cameras.

  • KineMount is found on the Kinefinity MAVO and TERRA cameras.

*ARRI assumes no responsibility with regard to an inaccuracies of given information. Lists of products are subject to change without notice.