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Orbiter Docking Ring

Making one of the most versatile luminaires in the market even more flexible

Orbiter Docking Ring - Product Image
Connecting a new world of options

The Orbiter now offers even more possibilities than before with the innovative Orbiter Docking Ring. This accessory enhancement expands the lighting designers’ and DP’s toolbox even further. The new tool allows for the application of already-owned third-party optics on the Orbiter as an alternative to ARRI optics while still benefiting from the quality and power of ARRI lighting.

Orbiter Docking Ring

Orbiter Docking Ring - USPs
Advantages at a glance: Orbiter Docking Ring

– Extending Orbiters’ versatility by allowing the attachment of third-party optics
– Performance and quality boost for in-stock equipment
– Effortless mounting onto Orbiter’s existing QLM system
– Automatic recognition of the Docking Ring through Orbiter’s QLM system
– Built-in low-noise cooling system
– Can be attached to any Orbiter color version

Ease of use while opening a new toolbox

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Explore two mounting options:
1) first attaching the third-party optic to the Docking Ring and then assembling this build to the Orbiter;
2) first mounting the Docking Ring to the Orbiter and then attaching the third-party optic.

Use what you already have at hand

Investment into quality and performance

Extended application possibilities