Image of a live streaming event in the Bavarain BR studio, realized as a flexible broadcaster studio & a live event stage.

BR Studio Franken

ARRI Solutions’ flexible design maximizes efficiency for a German public broadcaster’s multipurpose studio

German public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR)’s content production and programming spans across radio and television, a cross-media strategy that forms the groundwork for future formats. 

Studio Franken was commissioned at BR’s Nuremberg site as a multifunctional hall, which can be used not only as a production facility for television and radio as well as an event and conference room, making it an important part of BR's broadcasting studio capacity. It was imperative that both Studio Franken’s physical design and its media technology infrastructure were engineered to maximize this multipurpose requirement.

ARRI Solutions handled consultancy, planning and designing for the studio lighting and control system on behalf of system integrator MCI, who took responsibility for the overall project planning and design. 

A point hoist system, comprising 15 chain hoists, was specified and installed, together with control and power systems, including a new sub-distribution design. A truss system provided by BR was also installed at the same time, creating a robust framework to support the lighting fixtures, power, and cabling.

To facilitate a range of lighting options, 30 ARRI L7-C LED headlights ensure vividly rendered colors and pleasing skin tones for every studio configuration. The lighting network is controlled via a MA Lighting grandMA2 desk, with Cat 7 cabling throughout. 

“Studio Franken is an excellent example of how efficient studio design can support a wide range of cross-media content and production for broadcasters,” explains Michael Fengler, Chief System Engineer, ARRI Solutions. “A flexible, high quality lighting network is a vital element. No matter what event is taking place in the space, ARRI’s LED lighting will allow BR’s engineers to complete control over the color and intensity to ensure the best broadcast-grade results.”

ARRI Solutions services

System and implementation planning
CAD drawing creation
Preliminary testing and commissioning, including VDE and DGUV examination
Specification and installation of point hoist system and power supply
Installation of Can-Bus network for hoist control
Installation of trusses and flexible cabling
Specification of lighting technology, power supply and control network
Electrical installations for lighting and suspension system, including new sub-distribution
Boards and network racks for lighting and machinery
Provision and installation of lighting fixtures