Lots of enthusiasm at ARRI over the LOLA

ARRI has been recognized with the German Film Award for "outstanding visionary innovations and the creative partnership with filmmakers."

Apr. 29, 2017

At the award ceremony of the German Film Award on April 28, 2017 in Berlin, the film technology company ARRI was honored with a LOLA. The prestigious award for "outstanding visionary innovations and the creative partnership with filmmakers," as the German Film Academy (Deutsche Filmakademie e.V.) states in its announcement, generates much enthusiasm at ARRI. Director Tom Tykwer handed over the award to ARRI’s executive board members Dr. Jörg Pohlman and Franz Kraus. They both accepted the LOLA on behalf of all current and former ARRI employees.

The fact that ARRI is honored with a LOLA is greatly appreciated by Franz Kraus: "We are working intensively on the development of cameras, lighting systems, and other technologies that help filmmakers realize their creative ideas. We will continue to be a long-term professional partner to the film and media industry in the future." In his speech, Franz Kraus emphasized the special relationship ARRI has with filmmakers in Germany. These exchanges have inspired and challenged ARRI since its founding and German filmmakers have faithfully supported and advised the company over many decades. ARRI seeks to intensify this valuable relationship by strengthening its existing support for young film talents through various programs and initiatives.

Dr. Jörg Pohlman adds: "We would like to thank the German Film Academy very much for this important award. We are very pleased to be able to put the most prestigious German film award in our showcase next to our 19 Scientific and Technical Awards, which ARRI has received over the last decades from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences." Furthermore: "ARRI was founded in 1917 by two film-enthusiastic teenagers. Even today, this enthusiasm and passion can be felt at ARRI. We are doing our best to remain a technological leader. For us, the LOLA is a very special honor and an incentive to actively shape the future of the film industry."

Photos: © Api / Deutsche Filmakademie e.V. (1), ARRI (2)