Jan. 27, 2020

DP Robert Cauble wins cinematography award for commercial shot with ALEXA Mini from the ARRI CPO program

Fully serviced and tested before being supplied by the ARRI Approved Certified Pre‑Owned (CPO) program, Robert Cauble’s ALEXA Mini was put through its paces on “Story of the East,” a tourism commercial shot at remote and challenging locations in Indonesia. 

Jan. 27, 2020

If anyone can attest to the capabilities and advantages of ARRI CPO cameras, New York and Jakarta-based DP Robert Cauble can. Recently, he was tasked with shooting a commercial directed by Bona Palma and produced by Lynx Films in the East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia, to promote the region’s tourism. Despite the difficult locations, Cauble—armed with his newly acquired CPO ALEXA Mini—boldly faced the challenging shooting conditions.

“It’s an absolutely stunning part of the world, but the production was a true test for the ALEXA Mini,” says the cinematographer. “The region is very hot and dusty, with salt-laden breezes off the ocean. We had locations that were hours of hiking up the mountains or into caves, and we were being ferried around in small, unscheduled planes and boats. Due to these logistical limitations, we were unable to take a full crew. What I needed was a reliable camera system small enough for me to safely and quickly move without an experienced assistant, and the ALEXA Mini worked flawlessly. It proved to be versatile, robust, easy to maintain, and quick when changing shooting modes.”

In the end, all the struggle was worth it. The commercial won Cauble and team the Film Craft in Cinematography award at Citra Pariwara, an advertising award show in Jakarta. When asked how joining the CPO program had helped him, Cauble said it was a prudent decision, as his CPO ALEXA Mini turned out to be a valuable cinematographic tool in countless situations.

“Having worked with a variety of rental cameras over the years, I have known the ALEXA Mini to be a versatile and reliable camera that produces pleasing colors and tones,” he says. “It has proven itself to be just as capable inside the studio on a dolly with a large lens, as it is scaled down on a gimbal, or for run-and-gun handheld work.”

One of the key advantages of the CPO program is the service provided by ARRI’s sales and sales-support teams. “They are always quick to respond and are helpful in coming up with solutions,” notes Cauble. “During prep, I was able to figure out a way to quickly balance the ALEXA Mini on a single-handed gimbal with help from the ARRI team in Hong Kong. We spent time in their office going through mechanical accessory configurations until we got it right.” Cauble also found it reassuring that CPO cameras come with a one-year service and repair warranty.  

As for the future, Cauble will continue to work on his craft in Jakarta, the US, or any place opportunities pop up, while collaborating with directors who have strong and unique voices. “I’m fairly certain I will continue to utilize the tools ARRI produces for quite some time,” he says. “ARRI seems to listen to what cinematographers are asking for—reliable and elegantly engineered tools for the industry. Given their track record, I don’t see this changing.”

You can watch the award-winning TVC “Story of the East” shot by DP Robert Cauble here.

For more information about the ARRI Approved Certified Pre‑Owned program, visit cpo.arri.com.