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ARRI talks with filmmakers in Venice

For decades ARRI has fostered relationships with industry professionals from around the world. During the festival, ARRI also took the opportunity to talk with a number of filmmakers about their current projects.

Oct. 2, 2018

"What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire?"

In the main competition, "What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire?," was supported by ARRI’s International Support Program and serviced by ARRI Rental and postproduced by ARRI Media. This film was awarded the Segnalazione Cinema for UNICEF at the festival. Director Roberto Minervini, spoke to ARRI about his experiences on the film. “I struggled for years to find the right medium...we finally found this partnership with ARRI and its ISP program. Diego Romero (the DP) recommended that we test the AMIRA; he was sure it would serve the purpose of our film.” He continued, “the AMIRA gave us quality, portability, durability, and performance in low light conditions.” 

Director of photography on "What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire?," Diego Romero, commented, “Using the ARRI AMIRA for this movie was one the best decision I ever took in my career as cinematographer. I knew that there were no film negatives in the market right now capable of delivering the results that I achieved with the AMIRA.” Romero continued, “Since we were shooting handheld, the AMIRA allowed us to shoot long takes. The lightness of the camera, its ergonomics (it adjusts incredibly well to the shoulder), the integrated NDs (allowing us to work very fast), and the quality of the sensor are unique elements that a filmmaker cannot find in any other camera nowadays.”

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"The Loony Boxer"

DP Giovanni Macedonio, a student at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, spoke candidly about his short film "Storia triste di un pugile scemo" ("The Loony Boxer"), an entry in the I Love GAI section of the competition. “I think it’s essential students use the actual tools that are used in the industry in order to learn and experiment in real life situations.” He continued, this film was a school project with a very low budget, the whole film was shot with available light and practicals, I would not have been able to do this film this way with this type of lighting without the ALEXA.”

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The film "Mafak" ("Screwdriver") was shot by DP David Mc Farland on the West Bank in Palestine with an ALEXA Mini and debuted in the Venice Days section of the festival. McFarland spoke with ARRI about his experiences. “This film was hard to make and financially we had to be smart about the decisions we made. We didn't have a backup camera and I was amazed that we never had any problems...it really helped me not to have to worry and allowed me to be a lot more creative."

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