SkyPanel Accessories Stage Softboxes

Professional Lighting Accessories for SkyPanel

DoPchoice Octa 5 for 2 x S60


The DoPchoice Octa for SkyPanel is a softbox that uses a large aperture and two S60s to generate extremely soft, yet bright light. The softbox is perfect for overhead or beauty lighting.
This product contains only the softbox and is intended to be used with DoPchoice Octa 7 Set for 2 x S60 (L2.0016160).

  • 5 ft (1.5 m) diameter Octagon
  • Super bright and super soft
  • Perfect for overhead, beauty, and still photography lighting
  • Completes DoPchoice Octa 7 set for 2 x S60 (L2.0016160)
  • Incl. SNAPBAG, Diffusions, Baffle & carrying bag

*Picture depicted with double bracket. Double bracket not included!