Working with ARRIRAW

Uncompressed, unencrypted and uncompromised

ARRIRAW data produced from an ARRI ALEXA can be considered a digital version of camera negative. It delivers uncompromised image quality and provides the highest achievable resolution, the most postproduction flexibility and raw data archiving. ARRIRAW is the only format that retains the camera's natural color response and great exposure latitude as uncompressed and unprocessed sensor data. With the introduction of the ALEXA XT series, ARRIRAW data can be recorded directly in the camera, without the need for an external recorder, which makes using ARRIRAW as your chosen format easier than ever before.

Like film negative, ARRIRAW data has to be developed – or rather processed – in order to convert the single channel image, which represents the raw Bayer pattern sensor readout, into a color image suitable for normal viewing. The originally recorded raw data remains pristine, always providing the flexibility to go back and refine the results. This makes ARRIRAW the perfect format for digital cinematography and high quality visual effects production.

Sensor raster: 2880 x 1620 active pixels (16:9)
2880 x 2160 active pixels (4:3)
3414 x 2198 active pixels (Open Gate)
Image aperture: 23.76 x 13.37 mm / 0.935 x 0.526" (16:9)
23.76 x 17.82 mm / 0.935 x 0.702" (4:3)
28.17 x 18.13 mm / 1.109 x 0.714“ (Open Gate)
Output resolution: up to 2880 x 1620 (16:9)
up to 2880 x 2160 (4:3)
up to 3414 x 2198 (Open Gate)
Speed range: 0.75 - 120 fps (16:9 - ALEXA XT)
0.75 - 90 fps (4:3 - ALEXA XT)
0.75 – 75 fps (Open Gate - ALEXA XT)
0.75 - 60 fps (16:9 - ALEXA Classic)
0.75 - 48 fps (4:3 - ALEXA Classic)
all speeds adjustable with 1/1000 fps precision
Format: 12bit logarithmic uncompressed ARRIRAW

An ALEXA with XR Module upgrade offers the same speeds as ALEXA XT cameras. 4:3 sensor mode is available on the ALEXA XT Plus, ALEXA XT M, ALEXA XT Studio, ALEXA Plus 4:3, ALEXA M and ALEXA Studio.
Open Gate Mode is available on ALEXA XT cameras only.