ARRI Stage London

State-of-the-art virtual production stage designed for groundbreaking projects

Production at full volume

ARRI Stage London is an advanced virtual production studio that presents fresh potential for projects that push creative boundaries. 

Designed by ARRI Solutions and delivered as a collaboration between ARRI, ARRI Rental and Creative Technology, the 708 m² stage showcases the latest ICVFX technologies that ARRI and its partners have to offer.  

As one of Europe's largest fixed virtual production facilities, ARRI Stage London provides a premium choice for high-quality feature, episodic television and commercial projects.

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Innovative stage design drives on-set efficiency and versatility

Volume configuration

The LED volume at ARRI Stage London consists of a main, ‘in-vision’ curve, two mobile side screens, a dynamic height-adjustable ceiling, and back curve. The wraparound configuration can be programmed to display 360-degree imagery that even when not in frame, casts dynamic, fully integrated lighting effects onto the performers and the scene being shot.

The main in-vision curve is 30 m wide x 5 m high (98.4 ft x 16.4 ft) and constructed from ROE Visual Ruby 2.3 LED panels.

Two moveable and tiltable side screens, each 3 m wide x 4.2 m high (9.84 ft x 13.8 ft), comprise ROE Visual Carbon CB5 LED panels.

The back curve measures 18 m wide x 4.2 m high (59.1 ft x 13.78 ft) and also uses ROE Visual Carbon CB5 LED panels. 

The dynamic ceiling is 9.6 m x 9.6 m (31.5 ft x 31.5 ft) and built from ROE Carbon CB3 LED panels. The four sections can work independently and tilt to an angle of 45 degrees. Precise positioning creates reflections wherever needed.

In-vision wall
Side screens
Back wall

Studio Features

Integrated data networks and power distribution systems form the backbone of a cutting-edge studio infrastructure.

A bespoke automated rigging and suspension system can be controlled by a single operator, providing safe, millimeter-accurate positioning, reducing expensive downtime.

IP-based lighting control with integrated ARRI Orbiter and SkyPanel LED fixtures, mounted to motorized lighting truss for authentic skin tone and fine detail rendering.

Multiple tracking and processing systems integrated within the stage, allowing for instant transition between 2D and 3D workflows. Guest systems can also be connected into the stage’s workflow, giving productions flexible options, rather than a single prescribed set up. 

Located at ARRI’s UK premises in Uxbridge, West London, the LED volume is housed within a dedicated 708 square-meter (7,621 square-foot) studio space with a sound-dampened ceiling.

In-Camera VFX scenes filmed at ARRI Stage London

A Spy Among Friends (1)

A Spy Among Friends

Luther Fallen Sun

Luther: Fallen Sun

Pistol (1)



The Peripheral

The-Rising-Poster-601x901 (1)

The Rising

On-set at ARRI Stage London

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James Medcraft, DP

“Virtual production unlocks so much more than location. ARRI Stage London has been designed to be completely immersive, inspiring both the talent and the creative team to try ambitious shots or push perspectives that would have previously eaten into tight production schedules.”

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James Franklin, VP Supervisor, Sky Studios

“Completing seven different set ups in just eleven hours was a challenge, but the thoughtful design and engineering of ARRI Stage London enabled us to transition swiftly, thanks to the stage automation and playback systems.”

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