Why 6:5? I thought you needed 4:3 for anamorphic?

The 4:3 aspect ratio was originally left over from the film days, and now has been put to good use by VFX-heavy feature films. Anamorphic lenses don't actually need the full width of the 4:3 image; they squeeze the 2.39:1 image by a factor of 2, and the resulting area used on the sensor has a 1.195:1 aspect ratio, which is roughly 1.2:1, which is 6:5. When shooting with anamorphic lenses in 4:3 sensor mode, you always have to crop the extra area to the left and right of the image in post, an extra processing step that is avoided by shooting in 6:5. 

In the ALEXA XT cameras with SUP 11 we have introduced this mode, however, there it was still called '4:3 Cropped', but that is the same thing as the ALEXA SXT 6:5 sensor mode.