New ALEXA Mini Studio Sets

The compact and lightweight ALEXA Mini is a highly versatile tool on set. Some productions use it as a second or third camera, while others use it as the main or only camera throughout a shoot. As a result, it is frequently moved from one configuration to another, and any time savings that can be made during these transitions will have a big impact on the daily shooting schedule. 

ARRI has therefore developed a new studio set for the ALEXA Mini, comprising four accessories. At the core of the new system is the ARRI Compact Bridge Plate CBP-1, a base plate with integrated sliding bridge plate and shoulder pad. This allows rapid, tool-less transitions between configurations, for example from TRINITY, MAXIMA, or Steadicam stabilizers to a tripod head or an operator’s shoulder. 

The Rear Accessory Bracket RAB-1 offers flexible attachment options for the Power Splitting Box Mk II, a power distribution unit available in Gold Mount and V-Mount versions, while the Side Accessory Bracket SAB-1 provides a simple interface for mounting accessories towards the rear of the camera. Many previously released ARRI camera accessories for the ALEXA Mini are fully compatible with the new studio set.

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