ARRI Certified Training for SRH-3 (1,5 days) Camera Control Panel CCP-1 Set for AMIRA EF Lens Mount PL LDS Lens Mount Universal Adapter Plate UAP-2 Viewfinder Adapter VFA-2 B4 Lens Mount PL to B4 Lens Adapter AMIRA Camera Case AMIRA Camera Bag Portabrace Camera and Accessories Case 12/20pin Hirose ENG Lens Cable Short Audio XLR Cable 5pin Male to 5pin Female Audio XLR Cable 5pin Male to 3pin Female Audio XLR Cable 3pin Male to 3pin Female AMIRA Power Cable Coiled Viewfinder Attachment Bracket VAB-1 Titanium PL LDS mount with LBUS AMIRA Onboard Mikrophone Set Camrade Raincover for AMIRA
ALEXA Mini Viewfinder MVF-1
EXT-RS Adapter ALEXA Mini
AMIRA and ALEXA Power Supply Light
Transvideo StarliteHD5-ARRI OLED Monitor
General Purpose IO Box GPB-1 Cable ALEXA Mini/AMIRA EXT to GPB-1 AMIRA Viewfinder Cable Short 0.5m/1.6' AMIRA Viewfinder Cable Med 1.0m/3.3' Camera Control Panel CCP-1 ALEXA Electronic Viewfinder EVF-2
Cable StarliteHD5-ARRI Ext angled
Cable StarliteHD5-ARRI Ext straight
Ambient Power Slot Gold Mount Bat. Plate Ambient Power Slot V-Lock Battery Plate AMIRA Viewfinder Cable Long 3m/9.8'
Wetsuit for ALEXA Mini
AMIRA Multicam Monitor Mount for PVM-741 AMIRA to CCP-1 Cable 0.75m/29in AMIRA to CCP-1 Cable 0.5m/19in AMIRA to CCP-1 Cable 1.5m/59in DTS 1820-12G FCA Fibre CameraAdaptor 12G
K2.0014531 ALEXA Mini V型接口电池板MK II
V-Mount Adapter Plate Mk II
K2.0014532 Gold接口分电器MK II
Gold Mount Power Splitting Box Mk II
K2.0014533 ALEXA Mini Gold接口电池板MK II
Gold Mount Adapter Plate MkII
紧凑型桥板 CBP-1 19mm
LMB 4x5 backplate with filter guides
K2.0015840 V型接口电池板,有电量缓冲支持热更换
V-mount battery plate with hot-swap buffer
K2.0015859 Gold接口电池板,有电量缓冲支持热更换
Gold-mount battery plate with hot-swap buffer
Cable Smart APU ALEXA Mini 1.85m (6')
Cable Smart APU ALEXA Mini 0.80m (2.6")
K2.0019453 ALEXA LF大功率BAB-HV V型接口后端电池板
Battery Adapter Back High Load BAB-HV V-mount for ALEXA LF
K2.0019456 ALEXA LF大功率BAB-HG Gold接口后端电池板
Battery Adapter Back High Load BAB-HG Gold-Mount for ALEXA LF
DTS 1U Fibre Base Station FBS 4x3G & SL12G Monitor Adapter for LVM-75A
RAB-1 夹 2代升级款
Mini Side Bracket MSB-3
Shoulder Pad for CBP
Mini Adapter Plate MAP-2A
Battery Adapter Plate BAP-2A
Vertical Top Plate for ALEXA Mini LF
Cable ALEXA ETH/RJ45 (3.0m/9.8ft) KC 153-S
AMIRA Gold Mount Battery Adapter Plate AMIRA V-Lock Battery Adapter Plate
AMIRA Power Cable Straight 2m/6.6in KC-50
Cine Pro Set for AMIRA Cine Basic Set for AMIRA
ALEXA Mini LF - 即买即拍套装 - 19 mm基本套件
ALEXA Mini LF 19 毫米基础套装
ALEXA Mini LF 19毫米进阶套装
Vertical Adapter Set for ALEXA Mini LF ALEXA Mini LF Accessory Set 15 Essential ALEXA Mini LF Accessory Set 15 Advanced

AMIRA to CCP-1 Cable 0.75m/29in


连接AMIRA和CCP-1,线长0.75 m(29 inch)。