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The single-axis hand unit that grows with you

ARRI introduces the single-axis Hi‑5 SX hand unit, joining the three-axis Hi‑5 at the forefront of wireless camera and lens control technology. Ready to perform a variety of single-axis tasks on set, the Hi‑5 SX can also be easily upgraded to higher functionality via optional software licenses. Weather-proof and exceptionally hard-wearing, it brings ARRI dependability to the control of almost any lens on any camera, at an attractive price point.

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The most complete v5
The most complete single-axis hand unit

The Hi‑5 SX is the perfect entry point into the ARRI ECS ecosystem, with support for basic lens data and ARRI camera control included as standard. Hi‑5 SX users can upgrade at any time to the full feature set of the flagship, multi-axis Hi‑5.

One Axis v2
One axis, full status

Whether you choose to operate using the knob, slider, or force-pad, the Hi‑5 SX gives you precise control of a focus, iris, or zoom motor while still displaying all necessary camera and lens status information.

Hi-5 Ecosystem Trolley v2
Next-level metadata

Camera, lens, and distance-measurement metadata is shared automatically between hand units, and a redesigned single-axis interface gives a clear view of the controlled axis. Hi‑5 users and Hi‑5 SX All-Axis License holders can toggle between the Hi‑5 and Hi‑5 SX interfaces.

Network Ready v2
Network ready

Completing the next-gen Hi‑5 ecosystem, Hi‑5 SX is the most fully featured single-axis hand unit on the market. Perfect for DITs looking for long-range iris control, it supports all existing ARRI ECS radio modules, camera user buttons, and Custom Smart Rings for iris.

Extended Control Possibilities v2
Extended control possibilities

The Hi‑5 SX supports the existing Focusbug, Cinefade, RED Camera Control, and Sony Camera Control licenses already offered to Hi‑5 users. It is also compatible with all of the same LBUS devices as the Hi‑5.

Built tough for any location

Sharing the same set-proven hardware as the existing Hi‑5 hand unit, the Hi‑5 SX is weather-proof, dust-proof, and built tough. Each battery supports a 12+ hour run time and can be hot-swapped without losing wireless connection.

Upgrade to full Hi-5

The Hi‑5 SX can be remotely upgraded to the feature set of the Hi‑5 in two easy steps. Each license is available individually, and together they offer the full functionality of the Hi‑5. Users can swap the blue SX force-pad cover for the included black cover to indicate a Hi‑5 upgrade, or simply because they prefer it.

Enables lens mapping, Custom Smart Ring creation, six additional user buttons, and tail slate mode. Future free-of-charge software updates will bring further new features for SX Plus License holders.


Enables simultaneous use of the knob, slider, and force-pad for three-axis lens control, as well as complete display information, AUX axis, and full virtual T-stop and focal length features.

Personalized compatibility

Users looking to interface with third-party products can access the same compatibility licenses already offered for the Hi‑5. All licenses are available for immediate download from the ARRI License Shop.

  • Focusbug许可证

    • 开启专门的Focusbug菜单
    • 在对焦尺上显示多个动态距离数据与标记
    • 设定、启用/禁用限位和锁定
    • 同步Cine RT控制器的标记数据到Hi‑5屏幕的对焦尺上
    • 设定与显示焦平面偏移
    • 设定灵敏度
    • 选择WF/XWF模式
    • 购买请前往https://alshop.arri.de
    • 目前支持通过RIA‑1购买Focusbug授权
    • 需要使用Cine RT到串行(4p)电缆(可从Focusbug购买)
  • Cinefade 授权

    • 电动控制可变密度ND滤镜
    • 电动控制偏振镜角度
    • 动态景深控制
    • 更多信息请前往: arri.com/cinefade
  • 索尼摄影机控制授权

    • 兼容索尼Venice和Venice 2
    • 标准模式控制:帧率、ND 滤镜、选择下一帧/上一帧进行回放
    • RCP 模式下的其他控制:快门速度、ISO(以 dB 为单位的增益)、白平衡
    • 如需了解更多信息,请在这里查看技术讲座
  • RED摄影机控制授权

    • 兼容DSMC2和DSMC3摄影机
    • 控制帧率、快门速度、ISO、白平衡、ND滤镜、用户按钮和播放剪辑列表控件。
    • 如需了解更多信息,请在这里查看技术讲座

Custom Smart Rings

Customize the feel of your focus or iris pulls with ARRI Custom Smart Rings. Any spread of focus or iris marks can be programmed to any blank Smart Ring and will be automatically recognized on all Hi‑5 and Hi‑5 SX hand units. The ring file can be exported as a vector file to a USB for graphical personalization and printing, allowing full customization to suit your camera, production, or style. 


Hi-5 ecosystem

ARRI's system approach to camera technology development has resulted in a wide range of highly integrated products. The Hi‑5 SX sits within the Hi‑5 ecosystem, with both hand units, as well as the ZMU‑4 wireless zoom controller, compatible with all existing motor controllers, LBUS controllers, and cameras.

Video room

Dec. 14, 2023


Technical data

Focus Knob:

LED backlit rotary knob with adjustable friction, 3.0” diameter, 16 bit native encoder resolution

Iris Slider:

Fully sealed slider mechanism, 14 bit native encoder resolution

Force Pad:

Force sensitive joystick, x/y-direction


Transflective TFT-LCD display (readable in bright sunlight) 3.0" diagonal


830 g / 29.30 oz (incl. Bluetooth dongle and Smart Focus Ring Blank)


1x LBUS (4pin Lemo)

1x SERIAL (4pin Lemo)

1x Radio Module Interface

1x USB-A

1x USB-C

Power Supply:

ARRI LBP-3500 battery pack

LBP Battery Charger

NP-F550 battery (Sony) or compatible batteries

Power via USB-C port through an external power supply

Power via LBUS interface

Supply Voltage:

LBUS interface: 10.5 V – 34.0 V

Battery: 7.4 V

Power Consumption:

Without radio module: 222 mA @ 7.4 V
With RF-EMIP radio module: typ. 270 mA @ 7.4 V

With RF-2400 radio module: typ. 370 mA @ 7.4V

With RF-900 radio module @ 100 mW: typ. 330 mA @ 7.4 V

With RF-900 radio module @ 1 W: typ. 480 mA @ 7.4 V

Operating Temperature:

-20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)

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