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  • The Passion for Lighting

    Light is an integral part of our lives. Sunrise, fire, electric light – sources of our existence. Light is essential to everyone.
    ARRI lives and breathes light - it’s in our DNA. Bringing darkness into light and capturing the created images.
    ARRI lighting allows for freedom in creativity - encouraging experimentation and originality. Our LED luminaires have a wide range of features that give you command over all fixture properties.
    Interact with the light, paint with the light, and make the light work for you.
    ARRI is now 100 years old and still innovating. ARRI lighting technology enables our customers to experience pure creativity, expressive power and elegant brilliance in every lighting detail.
    Share the passion.
    It’s ARRI Lighting.

  • Lighting | Redefined

    The versatility of the ARRI luminaires in combination with newest firmware features and a wide range of accessories, brings your artistic vision into focus.
    ARRI lighting technology pushes the boundaries of what is creatively possible and allows for new and fantastic applications. The immense control options provide the tools needed to save time on set and give you the freedom required during the creative process.

  • Behind the Scenes

    International Crew: 45 Technicians, 2 Dancers
    Shooting Days: 2
    Prep Days: 1.5
    Setup Days: 10
    Equipment Package: 7 Tons
    The Rig: 350 Meter Aluminium Pipe & 160 Meter of Truss
    Data Cables: 1 Kilometer (0.62 Miles)
    Fixtures: 241 SkyPanels S60 in the Cube, 60 SkyPanels and L-Series in addition on set
    DMX Universes: 14
    DMX Channels: 4820
    Lighting Console: Whole Hog 4
    Camera Package: ALEXA Mini & AMIRA
    Lens Package:
    ARRI Master Primes
    ARRI Ultra Prime Lenses
    ARRI Swing & Tilt Lenses
    ARRI Alura Lightweight Zoom 18-80mm