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Mixed Reality Solutions

Design and engineering of innovative and customized mixed reality environments

ARRI has made a global commitment to be at the forefront of the exciting possibilities opened up by mixed reality shooting. With the establishment of global technology partnerships and regional mixed reality testing environments, ARRI is driving the development of innovative products, workflows, and solutions forward. In Uxbridge, near London, ARRI and ARRI Rental will open a mixed reality studio in June 2021 that will be used for commercial and demonstration purposes. 

Additional test and demo stages are operated by ARRI in Burbank, near Los Angeles, as well as in Ismaning, near Munich. More mixed reality studio projects are in the pipeline. As a shareholder of Volucap, the first volumetric studio on the European mainland in Babelsberg, ARRI has worked on the further development of recording techniques for virtual reality and augmented reality since the studio’s opening in 2018.

ARRI, with its partners, is here to help filmmakers embrace mixed reality and use it creatively, just as we were with the advents of digital camera technologies and LED lighting. Camera and lighting systems, as well as accessories from ARRI, have already been used in a wide range of professional mixed reality film productions, including “The Mandalorian” (Walt Disney).

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ARRI is here to help filmmakers embrace Mixed Reality

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