Two new Master Anamorphics

The Master Anamorphic lens series, developed collaboratively by ARRI and Carl Zeiss, has set a new high standard for the optical performance of anamorphic lenses. Producing organic-looking images with pleasing skin tones and crisp, natural colors, the lenses display incredibly low distortion, so straight lines stay straight -- even at close focus. 

Image quality is consistently high across the frame, with the 15 iris blades rendering out-of-focus backgrounds beautifully and giving a rounded edge to the classic oval-shaped highlights, which are evenly illuminated. The punchy separation of main subject from background and smooth focus fall-off contribute to a truly immersive, cinematic look. 

At NAB 2016 ARRI is showing prototypes of two new focal lengths that will be added to the Master Anamorphic series, extending the focal length range at both the wide-angle and telephoto ends. The 28 mm MA28 shares the fast T1.9 aperture speed of all seven preceding Master Anamorphics, making it ideal for low light work and shallow depth of field. For such a long focal length, the 180 mm MA180 has an impressively fast stop of T2.8 and a compact design, with a front diameter of just 95 mm. Both lenses display the same superior image quality and perfect optical aberration correction as all other Master Anamorphics. 

The MA180 is optimized to be used together with the ARRI LDS Extender 1.4x to extend the focal length to 250 mm, and with the LDS Extender 2.0x to achieve a focal length of 360 mm. This means that the ARRI anamorphic lens system, comprising nine Master Anamorphics and the Anamorphic Ultra Wide Zoom AUWZ 19-36/T4.2, will now cover an exceptionally wide focal length range of 19 mm to 360 mm. 

Dedicated Master Anamorphic Flare Sets are available for all nine focal lengths, allowing the front or rear glass elements, or both, to be quickly and easily replaced with flare-enhancing optics. Providing three additional looks for each lens, the flare sets lend texture and character to the image, enhancing on-set creativity.