Review: ARRI at Berlinale 2017

ARRI offered a wide-range of special events at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival and co-partnered the Berlinale Talents initiative. A review.

ARRI Executive Board Member Jörg Pohlman on Berlinale 2017

Jörg Pohlman on the importance of Berlinale, ARRI being a proud sponsor, passion for movies, the film industry, Berlinale Talents and the new generation of filmmakers.

This year´s festival took place between February 9  and 19, with ARRI as official partner hosting various activities under the slogan “Experience ARRI at Berlinale 2017.” “Berlinale is one of the biggest film festivals in the world. As a German based company, of course ARRI is delighted to be in Berlin,” stated Executive Board Member Dr. Jörg Pohlman, at the start of the festival. He appreciates Berlinale as a “great opportunity, to meet many friends and business partners.” Several hundreds of these friends and partners were invited to the ARRI Opening Night on February 10 and to the ARRI Closing Ceremony on February 14 in the rooms of the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie (DFFB). Meanwhile, in ARRI showrooms, other interested festival attendees were presented with a comprehensive overview of the myriad products and services offered by ARRI and wrapped up their daily visits with valuable talks in the ARRI Lounge.

As official partner, ARRI hosted various activities at Berlinale 2017

Dr. Jörg Pohlman (l., ARRI) welcomed Winnie van den Heun (m., Director) and Kees Van Oostrum (ASC) at the ARRI Opening Night

In the ARRI Lounge (from left to right): Markus Zeiler, Ute Baron (both ARRI), Sonja Zimmer (Studio Babelsberg), and Hagen Bogdanski (Director of Photography)

Christine Rothe (Constantin Film Produktion) and Josef Reidinger (ARRI)

Dr. Christian Franckenstein (l., Bavaria Film), Ute Böhringer-Mai, and Dr. Jörg Pohlman (both ARRI)


Under the slogan “From Script to Screen” ARRI presented a comprehensive workflow for film industry professionals – in pre-production, on set, in post, and in distribution. Demonstrations of High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Dolby Atmos also took place. As another highlight, ARRI showcased its cutting-edge virtual reality services – from project inception to finished application.

ARRI presented a comprehensive workflow for film industry professionals

HDR demonstrations took place

André Rittner (from left to right), Philipp Bartel, and Moritz Freyer (all ARRI) showcased virtual reality

ARRI, together with the Fraunhofer HHI, produced a special virtual reality experience for Audi Germany at the Berlinale. Visitors to the Audi Lounge could sit in the drivers seat of an Audi Q7 and drive themselves over the red carpet to a film premiere – in virtual reality. More about this extraordinary project, which was realized in only 18 hours, here.

ARRI, together with Fraunhofer HHI, produced a special virtual reality experience for Audi


Lively interest was sparked at the presentations held by ARRI experts at the DFFB cinema. On February 11, Christoph Hoffsten, Head of Camera Department Berlin at ARRI Rental, explained the optical characteristics of the lenses available for ALEXA 65.

Christoph Hoffsten (ARRI) showcased the optical characteristics of ARRI lenses

“From Script to Data” was the topic discussed by Constantin Seiler, Product Manager Webgate Cloud Services, and Florian Reimann, CEO of Yamdu. Using the example of a recent ZDF TV series, they illustrated how production software offers new workflow opportunities, from pre-production to final delivery.

Webgate expert: Constantin Seiler (ARRI)

Florian Reimann, CEO of Yamdu

A journey through the history of lighting technologies presented Dennis Jackstien, Trainer at ARRI Lighting: from ARRI´s 1924 first spotlight to the new SkyPanel S120-C.

Presenting a journey through the history of lighting technologies: Dennis Jackstien (ARRI)

On February 12, Moritz Hemminger, Director Sales and Acquisitions, and Kiri Trier, Production Director, introduced the activities and services of ARRI Media International Sales. ARRI offers attractive partnerships for international productions: equipment, on-set services, post-production, visual effects, and worldwide distribution.

Kiri Trier and Moritz Hemminger introduced the activities of ARRI Media International Sales

Afterwards Product Manager Oliver Temmler showcased “The ARRI Camera Family.” In the filled to capacity DFFB cinema he explained the characteristics and operational areas of recent camera systems like ALEXA SXT, ALEXA 65, ALEXA Mini, and AMIRA.

Oliver Temmler on “The ARRI Camera Family.”

The presentation “HDR in 2017: From Set to Distribution” was also fully attended. Senior Colorist Florian “Utsi” Martin illuminated all current HDR standards and their implications on set, in post, and in distribution.

Florian “Utsi” Martin (ARRI) on HDR

Other ARRI Events at Berlinale

At the European Film Market, ARRI Media International Sales presented the complete portfolio. Additionally around the Berlinale the Genrenale took place, including the ARRI Genre Pitch at the Babylon cinema. There authors and filmmakers introduced their work to the industry.

ARRI Media International Sales booth at the European Film Market

At the ARRI Live Panel Discussion on February 14, cinematographer Hagen Bogdanksi (THE LIFES OF OTHERS) talked about his work on the TV crime drama series BERLIN STATION. During this Elfi Kerscher (ARRI) moderated event in the CineStar cinema of the Sony-Centers, the audience asked a lot of questions.

Discussions about BERLIN STATON: Elfi Kerscher (ARRI) and cinematographer Hagen Bogdanski

ARRI Co-partnered Berlinale Talents

Between February 11 and 16, Berlinale Talents with ARRI as co-partner welcomed around 250 international young up-and-comers from the fields of film and TV. “Berlinale Talents is where success stories are created and future trends are forged. It’s important for us to actively support this major platform for talent development and to help shape the program,” stated Dr. Jörg Pohlman, Executive Board Member of the ARRI AG.

Some of the events with participation of ARRI experts were the networking dinner “Dine & Shine,” the “Talents Circles,” as well as the “Camera Studio” workshop.

“Dine & Shine” with (from left to right) Dr. Jörg Pohlman (ARRI), Berlinale Director Dieter Kosslick, Christine Tröstrum (Berlinale Talents), Wolf Bosse (ARRI), and Florian Weghorn (Berlinale Talents)

ARRI´s Harald Schernthaner (2nd from left) presented the ARRI Academy at “Talents Circles.”

At the “Talents Circles” ARRI´s Mandy Rahn (left), in a discussion with moderator AC Coppens, introduced the International Support Program.

Furthermore, ARRI co-hosted the panel discussion “On Location: BERLIN STRATION” – a multidisciplinary tour through the production processes and digital workflows of the TV crime series. The panel discussion included (from left to right): Hagen Bogdanski (DP), Marco Bittner Rosser (Production Designer), Angela Mages (Location Manager), Jan R. Martin (Production Manager), Keith Redmon (Executive Producer), Jocelyn Diaz (EPIX), Richard Gold (Paramount Television), Michael Scheel (Executive Producer), Mandy Rahn (ARRI), Florian Weghorn (Berlinale Talents), and Andrew Amondson (Moderator).

Panel discussion “On Location: BERLIN STATION” at Berlinale Talents

“Having ARRI as new co-partner of Berlinale Talents is a true gain for the program and our film professionals,” emphasized Christine Tröstrum, Berlinale Talents Project Manager. “The collaboration was great fun and encouraged intense professional exchange. We are already excited about 2018.”

Berlinale 2018

Also the Berlinale team was pleased about their partnership with ARRI. “We want to say a big thank you for the valuable support,” remarked Festival Director Dieter Kosslick and Kathrin Schafroth, Head of Sponsorship.

ARRI would also like to say thank you to all the Berlinale attendees for their interest in the industry and in ARRI; we are looking forward to Berlinale 2018. The 68th Berlin International Film Festival will take place between February 15 and 25, 2018 – of course with a strong ARRI presense.

Berlinale 2018 will take place between February 15 to 25, 2018

By the way, since 2002, ARRI has been responsible for the production and digital image processing of the Berlinale video trailer in all versions and formats.

Pictures: David Ausserhofer for Berlinale (2), Bettina Ausserhofer for Berlinale (1), ARRI (20)