Filmfest München: Premieres, Prizes & Parties

ARRI contributes to success of the 35th Filmfest München as ARRI/OSRAM Award sponsor, technology partner and event organizer.

"We have a sensational program," festival manager Diana Iljine promised at the press conference for the Filmfest München on June 8, 2017 – and she didn't promise too much. 180 current films from 60 countries were on show this year, 120 of them German premieres and 45 world premieres. In addition to 81,500 moviegoers and more than 2000 industry professionals, many celebrities also made their way to the Bavarian capital Munich between June 22 and July 1, including Bryan Cranston, Sofia Coppola with her mother Eleanor, Bill Nighy, Claire Denis, and numerous filmmakers and TV professionals from Germany.

Festival manager Diana Iljine (center) at the press conference: "We have a sensational program"

  "An absolute treat:" MUENCHHAUSEN revisited

Diana Iljine announced the world premiere of the digitally restored version of the UFA classic MUENCHHAUSEN screened on June 23 in the ARRI Cinema in Munich as an "absolute treat." ARRI Media took care of the digitalization in 4K as well as the elaborate color and sound restoration processes for the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau Foundation.

"The look and story have been kept as close as possible to the original version from 1943. Fortunately, this showing of the film takes place in a completely different day and age," commented Franz Kraus, Executive Board Member responsible for technology at ARRI. He went on to say: "We wanted to set an example that would inspire companies and foundations to embrace partnerships for the restoration of selected films."

Ernst Szebedits, Chairman of the Murnau Foundation, reminded everyone that "right now, all institutions that are entrusted with the protection our film heritage are in a race against time: What isn't digitalized soon will become invisible and disappear."

Prof. Bernd Neumann, President of the Film Funding Agency (Filmförderungsanstalt) or FFA and former minister of state, said in his address that "compared to all the other media, film is the strongest, most vivid, vibrant, and by far the most emotional medium for us human beings." That is why, he continued, it is "absolutely imperative that we take the necessary care to ensure that our cinematic legacy survives for the generations to come." He called the support from ARRI "wonderful and exemplary," but went on to say: "of course, this kind of dedication and commitment cannot and must not be a substitute for the contributions that have to come from the federal and state governments in this field," and made a plea for a significant increase in public sector funding.

At the MUENCHHAUSEN premiere (from left): Dr. Joerg Pohlman, Franz Kraus (both ARRI), Daniel Sponsel (DOK.fest München), Diana Iljine (Filmfest München), Prof. Bernd Neumann (FFA), Ernst Szebedits (Murnau Foundation), Josef Reidinger (ARRI Media), and Eberhard Junkersdorf (FFA)

  Panel discussion: "Old Treasures with a New Sheen"

MUENCHHAUSEN was also on the agenda of the panel discussion titled: "Old Treasures with a New Sheen" moderated by SPIO President Alfred Holighaus on June 30 in Munich's Gasteig event location. Managing Director of ARRI Media Josef Reidinger, Lead Producer Marko Krinke (both ARRI Media), Anke Wilkening from the Murnau Foundation, Prof. Barbara Flueckiger from Zurich University, and Juliane Lorenz from the Rainer Werner Fassbinder Foundation talked about exciting encounters between high-tech and film history. All in attendance found this foray into the history of film making and restoration intriguing – and many had questions for the panel.

Discussed "Old treasures with a new sheen" (from left): Marko Krinke (ARRI Media), Prof. Barbara Flueckiger (Zurich University), Anke Wilkening (Murnau Foundation), Juliane Lorenz (Fassbinder Foundation), Alfred Holighaus (SPIO), and Josef Reidinger (ARRI Media)


What would a film festival be without awards? One of the most important at the Filmfest München is the €50,000 ARRI/OSRAM Award for the "Best International Film" in the CineMasters competition. It was presented on July 1 at an awards ceremony that concluded the festival. "The award goes to LOVELESS directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev," Dr. Joerg Pohlman, member of the ARRI Executive Board, announced. "LOVELESS hauntingly recounts the tragic story of the disappearance of a child in a family where compassion seems to have been lost," explained the independent jury, comprising director Valeska Grisebach, actress Nastassja Kinski, and producer Markus Zimmer.

"In view of the many great films that were selected for this competition, I feel humbled and honored to be receiving this award," said producer of LOVELESS, Alexander Rodnyansky. This Russian family drama – filmed with the camera systems ALEXA XT and ALEXA Mini, and with SkyPanel spotlights from ARRI – already won the Jury Prize at the Festival de Cannes 2017.

LOVELESS producer Alexander Rodnyansky: "I feel humbled and honored to be receiving this award"

ARRI has sponsored this award since 2008, and together with OSRAM since 2013. "ARRI has been helping filmmakers realize their dreams for 100 years now. Whether analogue or digital – we respect their creative decisions and support them in all their projects," explained Dr. Joerg Pohlman.

The Belgian film HOME, directed by Fien Troch, was also given an honorable mention.

Group photo after the presentation of the ARRI/OSRAM Award with (from left) the award sponsors Dr. Joerg Pohlman (ARRI) and Hans-Joachim Schwabe (OSRAM), the winner Alexander Rodnyansky (producer of LOVELESS), festival manager Diana Iljine and the jury members Nastassja Kinski (actress), Valeska Grisebach (director), and Markus Zimmer (producer)

ARRI was also involved with other award winners. For example, the band Killerpilze celebrated their audience award for the documentary film IMMER NOCH JUNG (STILL YOUNG) for which ARRI Media handled the visual post-production. In the Peace Prize of the German Film Trade – The Bridge 2017, Julia Vysotskaya was honored with the acting award for her performance in PARADIES. Director Andrei Konchalovsky received the Award of Honor for PARADIES and his life's work. ARRI was involved in numerous ways in this multiple-award-winning drama. PARADIES was partially filmed with an ALEXA Mini from ARRI Rental, with the cloud service Webgate being used for the daily data transfers from the film set. ARRI Media was also responsible for the entire visual and sound post-production as well as for the worldwide distribution. ARRI Media also did the visual and sound post-production on ZUCKERSAND (SUGAR SAND) – which won the Bernd Burgemeister TV Award.

All award-winners from the Filmfest München – many of which utilized equipment from ARRI.

  Warm-up and Something-Stupid Party

On top of all that, ARRI also provided opportunities for festival visitors to celebrate, mingle, and network. Among the many industry events going on alongside the official Filmfest program, ARRI Media was one of the sponsors of the traditional Warm-up Party on June 21 in the Oskar Maria Brasserie. ARRI also sponsored the legendary, biennial Something-Stupid Party thrown by film producer Christian Becker (Rat Pack) – this time in the Kesselhaus and Kohlebunker venues.

ARRI Media was one of the sponsors of the Warm-up Party

ARRI also sponsored the Something-Stupid Party

  Technology partners ARRI Rental and ARRI Media

Thanks to technology partners like ARRI Rental and ARRI Media, Filmfest München 2017 was also on the technical cutting-edge. ARRI Rental, for instance, ensured that the right lighting lit up the red carpet.

ARRI Rental setting up the Filmfest München

  "We really do live in a great film town"

Diana Iljine expressed her gratitude to backers like ARRI, saying "We can only present an attractive festival with top-class films, guests, and events with the help of our partners." And with enthusiasm, she continued: "A fantastic Filmfest, the Bavaria Film Studios, and a global player like ARRI – We really do live in a great film town."

Photos: ARRI (5), Filmfest München/Kurt Krieger (2), Filmfest München/Dominik Bindl (1), Hannes Rohrer