ARRI lights: long-term thinking

Nasir Hussain Shaikh of the leading Indian rental facility Light N Light explains why he has invested in a full complement of ARRI lighting fixtures. 

What ARRI lights have you recently invested in? 

We have invested in a full range of ARRI lighting products for our facility in Mumbai and also for our new branches in Abu Dhabi, Hyderabad and New Delhi. Among the fixtures are ARRI SkyPanel LED soft lights, L10, L7 and L5 LED Fresnels from the ARRI L-Series, ARRISUN daylight and ARRI Studio tungsten lampheads, and the entire ARRI M-Series: M8, M18, M40, M90 and ARRIMAX 18/12 with high-speed electronic ballast.

ARRI has all types of user-friendly lights for any weather condition and any location.

Why did you decide on ARRI lights?


ARRI is the most trusted company in the international market and that's because quality has always been its top priority. The ARRI name is everything; cinematographers have total faith in ARRI products, whether it's a camera or a light, or anything else. Light N Light is also a quality-oriented company; this extends to the rental service we provide and the products we carry -- for us it's always about long-term return on investment. We know that ARRI lights will be a safe investment and that the ARRI name will give us a big advantage in the Indian market because it has a great reputation.

What do your customers like about the ARRI fixtures?

Firstly it's about that trust in the company itself. Our customers know that, year after year, ARRI has refined existing technologies and brought out innovative new products that take advantage of emerging technologies. The new generation of SkyPanel and L-Series LED lights is a perfect example of this. All of our customers appreciate the thinking behind each ARRI lighting product -- the attention to detail, the build quality and the clear focus on what end users really need on set.

How important are after-sales concerns to you?

As I mentioned we see these lights as long-term investments and there are various factors to this. Firstly, the ARRI lights are known to be durable and to withstand many years of hard use on location; here in India our clients shoot in all kinds of weather conditions and often have to carry lights great distances, so the portability, ease-of-use and reliability of ARRI lights are highly valued. Secondly, the after-sales service and support from ARRI is very good, and finally the lampheads themselves have been designed to be easy for us to repair and maintain.

What are your thoughts on the cheap copies of ARRI lights on the market?

Yes it's true; there are unfortunately cheap copies of ARRI lights available in India, but certainly not at Light N Light. We are proud to say that our company has almost become a trademark for keeping the best quality lights. These days more production companies and DPs are focused on quality equipment because they know that the alternative is usually a false economy. The current generation of filmmakers is intelligent enough to recognize the difference between originals and copies, which makes us at Light N Light happy and relaxed!

Feedback about ARRI lights from Indian cinematographers

"All through my working life I have used ARRI equipment -- first cameras and then lights. As soon as ARRI tungsten lights arrived in India I became a real fan; now I don't use anything else. They keep me happy with their great punch and consistency of color temperature, and above all safety for my boys who handle them. Right now I'm finishing a big family entertainment film and I should say thanks to Light N Light for giving me all the ARRI lights I needed."
Cinematographer V. Manikandan

"I have been using ARRI lights for a long time. Precision engineering and reliability are the two main factors that make me choose ARRI lights so often. Currently I am working with a big package of ARRI lights from Light N Light in Mumbai for a feature film that involves large-scale studio sets."
Cinematographer C.K. Muraleedharan ISC

"The world can't seem to do without ARRI Pars and the ARRIMAX anymore; they're a must on every gear list. I am eagerly awaiting the LED SkyPanels and keep asking Light N Light to make them available on my next film. Innovation keeps them ticking."
Cinematographer Anil Mehta ISC

"I use ARRI lights because they have a high standard of precision and can withstand rough usage on location. I have used the ARRI package from Light N Light on several films, including recently on a very big South Indian movie. In addition I regularly shoot commercials and my obvious choice for these is also ARRI lights."    
Cinematographer Kiran Deohans WICA/ ISC

"ARRI has made shooting a pleasure; gone are the days when one had to roam the set with a color temperature meter and worry about color consistency. The ARRI designs pack a punch and the technical precision makes me worry less and less about lighting. Thanks to Light N Light for bringing this great collaboration to all cinematographers in India."
Cinematographer Ayananka Bose

"ARRI lights produce consistent, true-color light that gives great freedom to shoot without fear. The attention to detail in every aspect of the design, functionality and versatility is impressive. Light N Light has a good variety of ARRI lights in India."
Cinematographer Ravi K. Chandran, ISC

"ARRI has a great variety of lighting systems that help me when I'm shooting on big sets as well as in a small room with no working space. I love their compact lighting setups and their new LED range, where tweaking color temperature is just a click away. We have access to a well-maintained and up-to-date range of ARRI lighting tools thanks to Light N Light."
Cinematographer Mitesh Mirchandani

"I have been using ARRI lights for a long time now and it always brings a smile to my face when they are switched on. There's no other light that matches the quality of ARRI lights. They are well-designed, reliable and have a lot of punch. I'm really happy to be working with Light N Light."
Cinematographer Aseem Mishra

"I'm incomplete without ARRI. ARRI is like another team member to me, because I'm a great believer in team spirit and nothing else matters to me. ARRI -- new thinking, new possibilities."
Rubb Bhungdawala, gaffer at Light N Light