ARRI LED lights shine at Callaway Golf studio

ARRI’s SkyPanels have a new home as the chosen lighting system for Callaway Golf’s media studio.

With the increasing demand for branded content, Callaway’s marketing team produce numerous live shows, podcasts, webinars and product content for a wide range of audiences, ranging from golfers to their sales force around the world and media outlets. From the efficiency and operational standpoint, SkyPanel’s intuitive “plug and play” menu made everyone’s life easier for Callaway’s marketing and production teams.

“ARRI came up to us almost immediately when we looked for broadcast-quality equipment that we can invest in. It readily became apparent from sources like NAB and recommendations from our broadcast industry friends. We saw it almost everywhere we went,” stated Ethan Ganot, Sr. Marketing Manager for Callaway.

Callaway chose ARRI SkyPanel S30-C and S60-C models. The SkyPanel is an ultra-bright, compact and high-quality LED light. The SkyPanel products stand out in the market for their soft, even glow that has set a new standard in the lighting space. Part of the uniqueness of the SkyPanel models lies in their design which is especially focused on color, form, beam field and output. Backed by years of research and development, these advanced lights are some of the most versatile and brightest in the market. One of SkyPanel’s best features is that they are fully color tunable and benefit users with easy color temperature adjustment between 2,800 K - 10,000 K along with many other control features.

ARRI SkyPanels S30-Cs and S60-C in the live studio (Callaway Golf)

Tony Regalmuto, Sr. Video Producer & Editor mentioned that ARRI’s lights have been able to solve some of the biggest challenges that his team faced with the previous lighting system.

“SkyPanel lights helped us get rid of unwanted, tough shadows on people’s faces while shooting with its advanced even flow of light. It makes our work easier when we have to set up the studio for a quick interview just immediately. Moreover, unlike our previous lights, SkyPanel options are really cool which is very important for a small studio like ours that generate a lot of heat. They are almost noiseless and do not consume excessive electricity as we have seen with other lights. What I like most about these lights is the versatility, whether shooting indoor, outdoor, in a studio, in a bedroom - it does not matter.  The form factor is good, the menus are easy to navigate, anyone can use it. It doesn’t take immense training to figure it out,” explains Regalmuto.

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