ARRI introduces Sony VENICE accessory kits

ARRI’s suggested accessory kits for the new camera model from Sony, the VENICE, are now available. The kits bring a touch of ARRI style and workmanship to help operators get the most from the Sony camera. 

Basic Kits include a Plate, a Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-5, Support Rods, and a Quick Release Plate QRP-1.

Pro Sets come with an additional Top Plate, a Camera Center Handle CCH-4, and a Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3. 

A Top Plate allows the use of either the original VENICE Top Handle, or the new ARRI Camera Center Handle CCH-4. The Bridge Plate Adapter allows a quick and simple transfer from shoulder camera to traditional cine style bridge plates (BP-8 and BP-9). It is also compatible with the upper part of the Plate for Sony VENICE which allows the use of 15mm lightweight rods. 

VCT-14 broadcast or BP cine-standard can both be used with the accessories for the Sony VENICE