ARRI celebrates Deauville successes

As well as the recent Toronto and Venice Film Festivals, ARRI attended the 2016 Deauville American Film Festival on 10 September, acting as a primary partner of the Franco-American Producers rendezvous. This event comprised a sit-down lunch for around 40 producers, a round-table discussion about independent film production and a cocktail hour attended by 60 producers and directors.

Impressions of ARRI at the Deauville American Film Festival 2016

from September 2 to 11, 2016

Before the round-table discussion, President of ARRI Inc. Glenn Kennel gave a presentation on HDR -- a hot topic in the film industry at the moment. Kennel explained that with their unsurpassed dynamic range, ARRI digital cameras have offered the best capture solution for HDR deliverables since the launch of ALEXA in 2010. He also briefly introduced the ALEXA 65 camera system and summarized its impressive list of credits. At the entrance to the conference room guests could view an ALEXA 65 in the flesh, alongside ALEXA Mini and AMIRA.


Issues discussed at the event included the importance of resolution and where the resolution race will end, with what benefits to content producers and consumers. Other topics ranged from the impact of new technologies on actors to the effects of high shooting ratios on postproduction costs and professional discipline on set.

In the evening ARRI representatives attended the festival ceremony, with all of the films awarded prizes by the jury having been shot with ARRI cameras:

Grand Prize
Dir. Ira Sachs, DP Óscar Durán

Jury Prize & Audience Award
Dir. Matt Ross, DP Stéphane Fontaine AFC

Jury Prize & Kiehl's Revelation Prize
Dir. Todd Solondz, DP Ed Lachman ASC
ALEXA Studio and ALEXA Mini

Critic's Prize
Dir. Anna Rose Holmer, DP Paul Yee