ARRI at IBC: the show gets under way

“Beautiful booth, great team – finally we’re here and the show has started,” says Dr. Jörg Pohlman of the ARRI AG Executive Board, as the 2016 IBC show gets under way. At 10:30 am on September 9th, the doors of the RAI exhibition center in Amsterdam opened for the International Broadcasting Convention. At booth F21 in Hall 12, ARRI is presenting an impressive array of state-of-the-art technologies for filmmakers.

Early visitors to the ARRI booth are keen to get a hands-on look at new products such as the ALEXA SXT cameras, which were released just days before the show started. “IBC is actually our first chance to see this camera live,” says Peter Kotchy from the Hungarian rental facility Lonely Film. “We have been using ARRI cameras for the last 15 years, and I have to say that our first impressions of the ALEXA SXT are really great.”

Another new product being launched by ARRI at IBC is the set of four Master Grips for fingertip control of lens and camera functions while operating ARRI and third-party cameras handheld. “A very good solution,” comments Massimo Proietti from the Italian company Panalight. Stephan Schenk, Managing Director of ARRI Cine Technik and General Manager of the Business Unit Camera Systems, is on hand to explain the advantages of the new Master Grips. “They are being very well received,” says Schenk. “Even at this early stage we’ve already had many concrete talks about sales.”

Meanwhile professional camera operator Christian Zurwiehe tests an ARRI artemis camera stabilization rig equipped with an ARRI TRINITY upgrade. “The vest feels comfortable, but with all the different axes of movement available on this rig, you definitely need some training,” explains the German freelancer, who does a lot of work at sporting events such as football matches. Zurwiehe has been relying on ARRI cameras for a long time. “They are very robust and solid,” he says, “with outstanding picture quality.”

Many of the visitors to the ARRI booth are flocking to the ‘HDR tunnel’ – a walk-through viewing experience where HDR images captured with ARRI cameras are screened on a huge, state-of-the-art HDR monitor. Specially shot test footage showing off the dynamic range of ARRI cameras is screened alongside clips from real HDR productions captured with ALEXA or AMIRA, such as Amazon Studio’s MOZART IN THE JUNGLE.

On the lighting side ARRI’s big announcement at IBC is the new S120-C SkyPanel fixture, expanding this highly popular family of LED soft lights and garnering a lot of praise. “That is simply the best fixture you can buy for the money,” says Hans Karlsson from the Swedish equipment distributor Oy Lafoy. “Really impressive,” comments Mike Bauman, a Hollywood gaffer.

The SkyPanel fixtures have been having a huge impact on the film and TV lighting industry since their launch. “We have shipped 14,000 SkyPanels within a 12-month period,” reveals Markus Zeiler, General Manager of the Business Unit Lighting. The extraordinary success of the SkyPanel family – and the positive reception of the S120, its newest, biggest member – is toasted at the ARRI Lighting booth party as the first day of IBC draws to a close.