ProGrade Digital CFast Cards

Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:36 am


I was wondering if Arri is going to certify and allow ProGrade CFast cards to be used with the Alexa Mini?

I know they are the offshoot/rebranded Lexar card company. Their prices are almost half the price of the Sandisk cards and yet their specs are the same if not slightly higher, including minimum write speeds.

Currently you can buy 2x 512gb Prograde card for $1,199.99 or one Sandisk 512gb for $999 from B&H. Ideally we have more than card manufacture so that the competition keeps the prices down.

Thanks Michael
Michael L
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Re: ProGrade Digital CFast Cards

Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:38 am

Dear Michael,

I have sketched the situation in an other post:
We are not able to support "just every other card": For many cards the specs read nice, but when we stress them with our bandwith-demands they simply can not deliver or literally burn up. It reads kind of funny, but it's remarkable how much you can do wrong building such small storage devices.

That is why we need to test every lineup of CFAST cards very meticulously that we certify for use in our cameras.
We even run tests on every card we sell.

That is a time and cost consuming process and also the reason why we do not offer a wider variety of brands.

Jan Heugel
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