Arri 150w fresnel (110v and 230v )

Fri May 04, 2018 10:28 am

I have a question concerning the Arri 150w fresnel.
If I buy an arri fresnel in the US can I use it in France ?
Do I need to simply just change the plug and the bulb ? (110v to 230v).
Is the carriage of the bulb different ?
It seems as though the US Arri 150w fresnel has a BA15D socket and
the EU Arri 150w fresnel has a GX6,35 socket.
Can I just buy a 150w bulb 230v with a BA15D socket ? Does this exist ?
Or do I need to change the socket carriage of the light ?
And if so, how do I do that ?
Thanks for any feed-back.
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