DMX 4.4 Green-Magenta 16B range typo: gap in values

Sun Sep 02, 2018 7:06 pm


I just noticed an apparent typo while prepping for my next show and perusing the 4.4 DMX protocol regarding the Green/Magenta parameter for 16-bit modes (this example is taken from mode 6 but the information is the same everywhere the 16-bit version of this parameter appears):

I use the values on this table to customize the fixture profile on the ETC EOS console platform to cut out the static sections for neutral and full minus/plus green, in order to end up with a smooth and precise range that can transition through the neutral point without "dead zones" where changing the control value does not actually change the light.

The range between DMX 30,146 and 30,347 appears to be undefined--do the missing values belong in the -99% to -1% range, or neutral/no effect?


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