WCU-4 not recognizing 2+ cforce mini motors

Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:24 pm

I'm having an issue with the WCU-4 not recognizing that I have multiple cforce mini motors hooked up to the UMC-4 (or Alexa mini). When I boot up the system I'm prompted to calibrate both motors, however only the focus motor will calibrate completely - whichever motor I have assigned to Iris or Zoom (doesn't matter which one) flashes after calibration, which from the manual indicates that "Motor is calibrated, but no motor master available (idle)".

I have both daisy chained together, and have even tried adding the LBUS to DTAP power cable (for the cforce plus motor) to provide extra power. When I look on the WCU-4 screen it doesn't even give the option to select the second motor (iris or zoom) to calibrate it.

What is going wrong that the one motor is staying idle?
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Re: WCU-4 not recognizing 2+ cforce mini motors

Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:03 am


sorry for my late reply.
Which torque is set on the motors?
What is shown int the bottom line on the homescreen of the WCU-4 (which sign is next to Focus/Iris/Zoom)?
Which firmware is installed on WCU-4 and UMC-4?
Have you tried also to update the motors?

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