arc gui, windows issue with cuda

Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:28 pm

I seem to have the same troubles as this post on windows 10 (creator's update):

If I setup for cuda encode I have the following error messages:

1) thumbnail generation on Browse tab:

Thumbnail generation failed.
-Error processing image to texture:
-ArriInternalImageHandler::process Error proceessing image: Error initializing rendering engine : OpenCL context creation failed (2) for the context thread.
- Error creating OpenCL context (-1000)

2) render tab:
same error message.

My strong suspicion is that there is a bug is in the UI settings cpp source code; for some reason, CUDA is not passed as option but OpenCL is instead.

My setup:
- win x64 pro (latest build)
- cpu core i7 7700K
- 48 GB DDR4 3000MHz
- GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060
latest drivers + cuda 8.0 installed.

Input files: mxf/arriraw from alexa mini

Arriraw converter gui version is latest (version number displayed on the window is 90149.38420.2558)
Don't know why this is tagged as beta; I downloaded the regular release.

On macOS sierra with same gtx 1060, there is no issue with arc converter gui and cuda.
ps: i'll test with earlier version of gui to check if there's been a regression. Will post findings on this thread.

Edit: same issues with previous version of GUI. It seems Arriraw Converter gets stuck between the APU (intel HD 630 from core i7 7700K ) and the discrete GPU Nvidia GTX 1060. If I select OpenCL instead of CUDA and try to select the GTX 1060, after a restart of the App, Intel HD 630 is selected instead of Nvidia.
So it seems the issue is bigger than CUDA; it's that the NVIDIA discrete card selection does not seem to stick whether CUDA or OpenCL is selected ...
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