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Thu Feb 16, 2017 9:27 pm

DIT, The profession

Today in the Camaleon Rental blog we are going to speak about the role of a DIT. The first
question is to define what a DIT is as well as determine if this position belongs to the
camera crew or to the postproduction crew. The answer would be that he is kind of a
liaison between both department, even though if we have to make a choice we would say
that he is part of the camera department since he works on set.
The DIT profession (technical image technician), arrives with the appearance of the first
high definition cameras and then with the digital cinema cameras. At this point we should
remember that when these cameras arrived both directors of photography and assistant
cameramen came from working for many years with film cameras. So after the arrival of
such new and different gear, it was necessary the inclusion of a new figure to the camera
crew in order to advise the DoP on how to squeeze the best out of this new technology
that, as we all know reacts in a very different way to exposure. The DIT helps him out
thanks to the use of waveform monitors and vectorscopes. But another very important
task of the DIT was to help the first and second assistant camera to choose and set
camera parameters such as the resolution, codecs, speed, etc of the camera, as well as
the navigation through the several pages of the menu menu with which the ACs had to
deal for the first time...
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